Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dharma, saluki

The Story of Dharma
by Cathy Scott
November 18, 2014

I was heading home one night after a pet sit visit and I missed my usual turn into my street. I went to the next light by our hospital and in front of me runs a gorgeous Saluki.

Dharma and her owner in the hotel room, where they were staying

I followed her. She was limping and I could see blood from her mouth. I knew it would be hard to get her but I had to try. She was doomed if I didn't. Other good Samaritans saw me and joined in to help.

We were able to get her to run into a storage facility that fortunately dead ended. We got her to a small end of the facility and another person there helped me block her so that I could get a leash on her.

Once we did, she gratefully gave up. I gently picked her up and put her in my van.

She walked right in the crate with no hesitation.

I then immediately said "someone is missing this dog".

I went to the nearest vet and had her scanned and to my surprise she had no chip. But she had clearly been recently groomed and was in very good shape, other than some injuries from being on the run.

I went home and immediately put her picture on Facebook.

One of my friends found a Craigslist ad that looked very much like her, and I called the number.

I waited a couple of hours and the woman on the phone immediately identified her right down to a small scar on her back leg. I knew I had found her owner.

They had been putting up endless amounts of flyers for her, but she had run so far away from where she was lost, I never saw them. Unbeknownst to me at the time, the dog had been on the run in the streets of San Jose for 36 hours. It's truly amazing she survived.

Tragically they had been in a motor vehicle accident and the tow truck driver had let this gorgeous dog out of the car, even though the owner had them gated in the back seat. They had just come from the local dog show. This dog I found was and is an amazing show champion.

The other amazing thing is that the owner and I had mutual friends. Right at the moment I found her, other friends of mine were getting the word that Dharma was lost. With the power of social media I was able to find the owner.

The picture is of the owner and the dog laying on the bed in the hotel room where they were staying.

Needless to say she now has a microchip.

The owner and I have remained life long friends. We connect when we can and I'm planning a visit to her home to visit the dogs this coming year. I'm so grateful it was a happy ending.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Jack, yellow lab

Volunteers find dog who disappeared following crash
By Erin Andersen / Lincoln Journal Star1
November 10, 2014

Jack is back.

It’s welcome news for an Elmwood family injured in a traffic accident early Saturday near Bennet.


Jack, a 5-year-old yellow Labrador, was in the family’s Chevy Suburban en route to a day of duck hunting, when a pickup driven by Christopher Swift, 22, of Cheney, crossed the Nebraska 43 center line and collided with the Suburban, sending it rolling into the ditch, said Lancaster County Chief Deputy Jeff Bliemeister.

Rick Hauschild, 47, his son Lane Hauschild, 19, and nephew Kyle Hauschild, 30, were thrown from the Suburban, as was Jack, according to Kathy Eidson Hauschild, wife of Rick and mother of Lane.

Jack lay in the ditch by his family until the ambulance arrived. It is theorized the sirens spooked the dog, who took off across the fields.

Rick Hauschild was taken by helicopter to Bryan West Campus, where he was placed in a medically induced coma. On Monday afternoon, he was in serious condition with two collapsed lungs and crushed vertebra, but was conscious and alert, said family friend Tom Keller of Malcolm.

Lane Hauschild was listed in good condition, with two broken hips. Kyle Hauschild was treated and released, as was Swift, Bliemeister said.

The accident, which occurred around 5 a.m., remains under investigation by the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Department. Alcohol is suspected as a factor, Bliemeister said.

When no one spotted Jack after the crash, Keller made a plea for help on Facebook. That's when Sam Franklin, founder of Lost Pets of Lancaster County, summoned a cadre of volunteers to search the fields near Bennet and pepper the community with "lost dog" fliers.

Their first lead came at 9 p.m. Sunday, when a woman reported seeing a black Lab and a yellow Lab running near 140th Street and Wittstruck Road.

Because of the second dog, searchers were not convinced Jack was one of the spotted dogs. Then they learned of Chewy, a black Lab/German shepherd mix from Bennet, who had run off sometime Sunday morning.

Although Chewy likes to wander the countryside, she never misses a meal, said owner Vicki Hillman. So when Chewy didn’t turn up for dinner, Hillman grew worried, and posted her own missing dog flier.

That’s when searchers put two-and-two together -- especially when they discovered that 2-year-old Chewy was in heat, and Jack was an intact male. Odds were the two dogs had not only found one another, but were sticking close by each other.

Monday afternoon, volunteers had just resumed the search when they were called back in.

Wayward Chewy was spotted heading home, with her golden suitor close behind.

The exhausted pooches snoozed as volunteers showered them with treats and attention.

Lori Koss immediately sent a photo to Kathy Hauschild at the hospital, who showed it to her healing husband.

“He had a big ol’ smile on his face,” Keller said.

For Franklin and Koss, Monday’s success brings the number of pet/owner reunifications to nearly 600 since Lost Pets of Lancaster County started on Jan. 1.

“This is just an awesome ending,” Koss said. “This is what we do this for.”

And Hillman has her own plug -- “if anybody wants puppies in a couple of months” she knows a canine couple who are no doubt expecting.

Source: http://journalstar.com/news/local/volunteers-find-dog-who-disappeared-following-crash/article_f8cbc3c3-c3d7-55fa-a1ff-6a2b807bf8cd.html

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Blue, Sheltie

Blue is Found After 4 Days
By Lynette Ruder, Missing Pet Tracker
Saturday, November 8, 2014

I have been training my sheltie Bear now for a bit over a year as a lost pet trailing dog, after training with Kat Albrecht and the Missing Pet Partnership. There have been so many ups and downs in the training, including weeks at a time that I would be so frustrated, not sure if I had both the skills and determination to stick with this. Add to that marginally supportive family and friends at best (with a few wonderful exceptions), well, I seem to reconsider this MAR (Missing Animal Response) business just about all the time. Still I have kept at it, slowly but surely. Often taking two steps back before a half step forward.

Finally, the hard work paid off this evening! Now, it took some luck in the form of people doing the right things and following instructions – like no one calling to the dog or trying to grab him. Additionally, the town was a very close-knit community and it seemed that everyone in town was out looking and calling in sightings. But it was a great success!

I saw a posting on Craigslist about a sheltie that was lost in Perry Park, Colorado, which is my area. So I called to ask about the situation. “Blue” had gone missing on Wednesday, November 4, 2014, apparently jumping the fence, and there were a few sightings within a couple of days. They agreed to have me bring Bear out to trail Blue’s scent.

We started where the owners had last seen him last night before losing him in the darkness. Yesterday, Blue had let the owners come within 15 feet but no closer. The owner brought another of their dogs along.

We tracked from the last known location for over a mile. There was so much scrub oak that I had to let Bear work off-leash -- GPS collar on of course! We traveled just over a mile in just over an hour, the brush was so thick.

We identified two locations under porches that Blue appeared to have slept or rested for some time.

We finally made our way back to pavement and were starting to make some better speed when the owner got a call - a sighting 2 miles down the road! We got there as fast as we could; night was falling.

We started near the point last seen. Bear took off like a maniac. We were all on a mission. Once we scrambled over some brush and red rocks, the owner caught a glimpse of Blue up in front of us.

The owner had an idea to get her other dog howling. It seemed strange but she said that her 4 shelties would do group howls at home. She got that started, and Bear started barking along with them.

Unbelievably, Blue turned right around and headed straight towards us. It worked! See for yourself!

Happy ending!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Riley, beagle

Riley's Story
October 3, 2014
Find Riley (on Facebook)

Thank you all so much for the overwhelming support, both when Riley was missing and again today now that she has been found! Here's the story:

As I posted yesterday, it had been a week and we (Steve and Chelsea) had yet to hear any news of her whereabouts. We went searching every day and just posted new bright signs last night. We went to bed sure that we'd go another day without seeing our puppy.

Around 12:30 a.m. we got a phone call saying that someone saw our dog outside her building. We quickly gathered the supplies we needed: flashlights, treats, squeaky toys, a blanket, and her leash. 

The sighting was just down the street from our house, along a path Riley's dogwalker regularly took her, so we had a lot of hope that we'd see her! Unfortunately, after searching the immediate area thoroughly, we didn't see her and went home. Even though we didn't get her back at that moment, we felt a new optimism at our first sighting! If you saw the post, you probably could tell how excited I was!

Eventually we were able to fall back asleep, only to be woken up again around 4:30 a.m. from a neighbor to come outside immediately because he was pretty sure he saw Riley behind our building. This time we had left some of the things we needed in the car, but we didn't waste time and immediately ran out.

The next hour is a little bit of a blur, but here's what I remember. Riley had made her way back to our apartment building but was staying hidden in some thick forest/brush up high on a hill. I climbed up the hill as Steve and the neighbor stayed on the street to try and find her. The trees on the hill were too dense and there was a fence blocking much of it. I could hear her tags jingling, though, so I knew she was close! 

I ran back down onto the road in time to get a flash of her peeking out of the trees. She seemed like she recognized us but was a little scared. Eventually she made her way down the side of the hill and onto the street. 

That probably would have been the end of the story, but there was a locked gate standing between us and her! I tried to climb the gate but it was too high to jump down on the other side. I called to her and she came over, but someone walking across the street spooked her and she ran away again. I couldn't believe I had been so close to catching her only to see her run off.

Steve and I decided to stay out and wait. We are so thankful we did, because eventually she came back out of the trees. Steve sank down onto the ground and she ran down to see him and (basically) into his arms. 

I've already taken her to the vet and it looks like she is lucky - no major problems except weight loss. Lucky girl gets to eat extra for a few days!

THANK YOU EVERYONE for liking and sharing this page. We had so many eyes looking for her and without the help of our neighbors and friends we might not have had such a happy ending. I'll keep the page up for a few days so that everyone can see the good news. She's hooooooome!!!!

Source: https://www.facebook.com/WheresRiley