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Bailey and Baxter, golden retrievers

Sandwich dogs safe at home after two-week walkabout
By George Brennan, Cape Code Online
October 10, 2012

SANDWICH — Cue the Disney sequel machine: Sandwich has its own version of "The Incredible Journey" starring Bailey and Baxter, a pair of golden retrievers found after nearly two weeks away from home.

Penny Blackwell welcomes her two golden retrievers, Bailey, left, and Baxter after their extended venture away from home. The pair escaped while tied together and were on the lam for two weeks as Blackwell pushed a social media campaign to find them.

The two dogs, owned and loved by Penny Blackwell, wandered off Sept. 25 from their home on Stowe Road, still attached to each other by a leash.

Blackwell's husband, Bob, had taken the two dogs — Bailey, 6, and Baxter, 4 — for a swim and tied them outside so they could dry off.

The pair wiggled themselves loose, their leashes still connected to each other, and took off on their wild adventure.

"It was horrible," Blackwell said. "The worst thing was not knowing if they were alive. It's one thing to have a dog die. But to have them gone and not know, it was just awful."

Blackwell turned to Facebook for help and support. She called local animal shelters and kennels. She posted on Craigslist, and her husband searched and put up posters.

Bailey had been given to Blackwell as a present.

"Who gives a puppy as a 50th birthday gift?" she joked. "Really, what's wrong with jewelry? But (Bailey) is the love of my life."

Blackwell had pretty much given up hope of finding her precious pooches alive when she heard from her friend that Baxter had been found Saturday, about a half-mile from home, by a neighbor off Boardley Road. Blackwell was away, so the friend took him in until they could be reunited Monday morning.

It was Baxter who led Blackwell to Bailey on Monday afternoon. Through a trail in the woods off Boardley Road, Baxter sniffed his way through the underbrush until they found Bailey hopelessly tangled around trees and bushes.

When he arrived home, Bailey went straight to his water bowl, lapped up some water and then jumped all over Blackwell and Baxter.

Despite being in the woods for nearly two weeks, both dogs came through their ordeals relatively unscathed — though Baxter did spend much of Tuesday at the veterinarian with stomach issues.

Baxter lost 8 pounds and Bailey lost 10, but neither dog had a problem with either fleas or ticks from their extended stay outside, Blackwell said.

"It's mind-boggling to think they could be there for nearly two weeks and come through it," said Blackwell, a school committee member for the Upper Cape Cod Regional Technical School and president of the Massachusetts Association of School Committees.

Social media definitely played a role in the happy reunion. "That's how my friends knew they were missing," Blackwell said. "The support I received was just incredible."

The family reunion has lit up Blackwell's Facebook wall. Postings about the dogs being found have generated more than 100 comments and likes.

"Wow!! Best news ever!!!" wrote Brett Stonstrom Wilson.

"Relief all around!" added Kathleen Dickson Langevin. "I love happy endings!"


Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hershey, beagle mix

Family is Reunited With Missing Dog After He Is Rescued From an Animal Hoarder
LifeWithDogs TV
March 8, 2013

Out of a terrible case of animal cruelty there is a story with a happy ending.

When dozens of animals were seized from a farm run by Cheryll Jeffers the news helped reunite one dog with his family.

Cheryll Jeffers, who also goes by the name Cheryll Ford, has been charged with animal cruelty after the animal hoarder’s farm in Kentucky was investigated. Dozens of animals were found dead at the farm. Fourteen surviving dogs were signed over to the Woodford Humane Society.

One of those dogs was a beagle mix named Hershey.

When Hershey’s family saw the news story on Jeffers, they recognized the woman and immediately called the humane society hoping they would find their lost dog.

Hershey’s family had looked into finding a pet-sitter to watch Hershey while they moved when they met Jeffers. She told the family she was a pet sitter and rescuer and they entrusted her with his care. The animal hoarder then skipped town with Hershey and his family never saw him again, unable to track Jeffers down.

The phone call to the humane society brought good news to the family when it was discovered Hershey was in fact one of the rescued dogs.

He was thin, but alive. On Thursday Hershey finally got to go home with his family.

“They were ecstatic, we were ecstatic, there were some tears flowing,” said Amy Thomas from the Woodford Humane Society.

“It’s really honestly one of the happiest ending that could come from a situation as horrific as this.”


Friday, March 29, 2013

Sugar Daddy, shih tzu

Detroit senior reunited with stolen Shih Tzu thanks to microchip
By Alexis Wiley, Fox 2 News
Posted: Mar 20, 2013

DETROIT (WJBK) - An 82-year-old woman was attacked and her dog stolen.  Her family even offered a $5,000 reward for the dog's safe return, but it turned out money wasn't what they needed to track him down.

It is the reunion few thought would happen, but Audrey said she knew her seven-year-old Shih Tzu would find his way home.

Last Thursday, thieves waited for Audrey as she and her beloved pups Sugar Daddy and Baby Doll walked out of her Detroit home.

"I opened the door, and they slammed the door on my hand," she said.

Audrey ran inside.  Surveillance footage from a neighbor's home captured some of the scene.  Baby Doll bit the thieves and ran off, but Sugar Daddy wasn't so lucky.

"One of the guys jumped out, and they grabbed Sugar Daddy," said Audrey.

Her daughter sprang into action plastering signs all over the neighborhood offering a $1,000 reward, then $2,000 and finally $5,000 for Sugar Daddy's safe return -- a hefty amount to some, but to this family Sugar Daddy is priceless.  Audrey said she was devastated.

"Unable to eat, not able to sleep or do anything," she explained.

However, it turns out they didn't have to spend a dime because Sugar Daddy was at the Michigan Humane Society almost the whole time.

"As far as we know, he came into us as a stray animal, but he was turned in and we scan every animal," said Anna Chrisman with MHS.

Since Sugar Daddy had a microchip, the Michigan Humane Society knew exactly where he belonged.

"The microchip is a form of permanent I. D.  It never gets lost, and it's always with the dog," Chrisman said.

Audrey and her family believe the thieves were the ones who turned in Sugar Daddy, but they're not worried about prosecution.  They are just glad he is home.

Fox 2 News Headlines

"If your pet ever gets lost or separated from you, the microchip is a sure fire way that we're going to be able to find you and track you down," said Chrisman.


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Maya, golden shepherd mix

Lost Dog Reunited With Family After 4 Months
By Lauren Lloyd
March 7, 2013

A family in Mission Viejo has been reunited with its dog after months of search and sorrow.

When the family moved from Arizona to Mission Viejo in late 2012, their golden retriever-German shepherd mix, Maya, went missing. The family reported the dog missing to the city's animal shelter on October 17, and searched relentlessly for their skittish pet for two months. The family eventually gave up hope, but Maya did not.

A neighbor spotted Maya along a creek trail, and judging by her healthy appearance, assumed she had just escaped from her owner's yard and would find her way home. However, the neighbor noticed frequent visits to the area from Maya, and when the canine began to noticeably lose weight, the neighbor called Mission Viejo Animal Services.

After assessing the situation, an animal services officer devised a plan to place food in a humane trap for the dog, which had been deemed a stray. The plan worked, and Maya was transported to the shelter and nursed back to health.

A shelter worker combed through missing pets records and found Maya's entry: "a skittish golden retriever-mix with black marks." The worker realized the family lived across from the Oso Creek Trail, close to the spot where Maya was rescued. Apparently, Maya was unfamiliar with the area because of the family's move.

The reunion took place last month, and both Maya and the family were overwhelmed with excitement at the sight of one another.

Gail DeYoung, the city's animal services manager, told City News Service, "The dog took one look at her long-lost family and started dancing around the kennel, jumping up and down with her tail wagging uncontrollably."

She added, "The family was equally excited to see their dog -- skinny but safe -- both children hugging Maya around her neck unwilling to let go. After several months surviving along Oso Creek Trail lost, confused and eating who knows what to survive, Maya was finally heading home."

Commence the waterworks. Go on, let it out.


Another version of the story is at:

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Maddie, hound puppy

Finding Maddie: A City Dogs (Search and) Rescue Story

The story of Maddie begins with the early March rescue of a litter of eight adorable Coonhound puppies from a shelter in rural, southwest Virginia. The puppies were weaned prior to arrival at City Dogs Rescue and Maddie and her brothers and sisters went to several different foster homes in the metro DC area.  Maddie was sponsored and named by Loretta Stadler in honor of Maddie from Newark who survived the streets for 11 months before being rescued. I'm told Maddie of Newark was one tough cookie.

On Tuesday, March 19th, one of our Dog Management Coordinators, Hae, got the call that no rescue ever wants to receive -- that Maddie was missing in DC!  This was all very perplexing since this puppy was being fostered in Maryland. It turns out that the foster took the puppy to a friend’s home while she was at work without notifying City Dogs Rescue. As the story began to be pieced together, we learned that Maddie had disappeared from the foster’s friend’s home in Anacostia around 12:30 pm on the Tuesday, March 19th. Some contractors had come to work on the home and she had been put in the backyard temporarily and, unfortunately, without supervision. At some point thereafter, we believe she escaped through an open part of the fence.

Hae received the call five hours later that she was missing. Even more unfortunate, we learned that the foster had removed her City Dogs Rescue dog tag with plans to adjust it, but never replaced the tag.  City Dogs Rescue leaders were incredibly distressed that multiple terms of the Foster Agreement had been violated.  While our leaders realize that dogs can still escape even when every precaution is taken, the circumstances here were particularly disheartening because the incident was preventable.  We were particularly surprised since the foster had successfully fostered several dogs in the past with great care and results.  Despite our efforts to maintain policies and procedures to reduce risk and ensure safety, CDR now faced a situation where an innocent 9-week old puppy was lost in an unfamiliar and rough neighborhood.  How could we possibly find her with virtually no information about her potential whereabouts?  She could be in the city or she could be miles away already.

We decided to focus on the most obvious area - - the neighborhood where she was lost.  Volunteers were mobilized and went to the area with flyers. Recognizing that time was of the essence with a lost dog, CDR quickly hired a search and rescue tracking team, Sam Connelly and her sweet Golden Retriever, Brie, of Pure Gold Pet Trackers, that evening to track Maddie from the backyard of the foster home to a major road about a block away where the trail went cold. Sam believed that Maddie was picked up either in a vehicle or by someone on foot. We could only hope that she was found by a good samaritan.

CDR Fosters Carmen and Katya posted on every light post, went into stores and talked to everyone they saw on the street. Katya even saved a stray cat that she brought to a local cat rescue. CDR Foster Rebecca put up flyers on the main road on her way home from work. Toby Emerson joined the search party multiple times as well.

However, upon canvassing the area, we quickly learned that most people believed that our Coonhound mix puppy, Maddie, was actually a pit bull, based on her flyer picture. We updated the flyer to make sure it was prominently noted she is a hound! Sadly, it appeared from talking to neighbors that dog fighting is prevalent in this community and many said that she was likely sold into a fighting ring. However, we could not be certain. We could only hope that this wasn’t the case as it was unbearable to imagine.

CDR volunteers did an amazing job online with our great networking group to coordinate ground efforts, generate ideas, and also manage the web monitoring. Our group "Find Maddie: Puppy Missing in Washington, DC" ( was updated constantly throughout our search. Many people who couldn't help on the ground were monitoring websites, including Craigslist, Petfinder, Petharbor, and other sites.  Every new posting about a lost dog was scrutinized by a team of highly devoted volunteers.   We would all get our hopes up with each new posting.  Many of us kept clicking “refresh” on Craigslist because someone surely must have found her.  We quickly realized though that our online networking wouldn’t get us as far as we thought. Alumni Coordinator Amy said, "This is not going to be solved online." It was reassuring though to have everyone change their profile pictures and spread the word as best they could. In addition to monitoring social media sites, CDR Adopter and Adoption Counselor Deb donated a Pet Amber Alert to call 750 neighbors with phone messages to the community where she was lost.  That led to a number of calls to Hae’s cell phone, but nothing concrete.

We are also grateful to Eat Shop Live blogger Nikki Peele for helping spread the word on Facebook and Twitter about Maddie.  We could not have done it without the amazing people in the neighborhood willing to help us every step of the way!

In structuring the search, CDR also worked with Animal Control through the Washington Humane Society.  Officer DiGiandomenico was extremely helpful and accessible to us and she coordinated our search efforts with the other animal control officers.  They were extremely helpful in responding to any concerns the volunteers had along the way.

Volunteers continued canvassing the area, speaking to residents, and posting flyers tirelessly each day for the remainder of the week. Patricia and the Pulaski Plotts went every morning at dawn to try to draw her out. We felt encouraged by the outpouring of support for our efforts within this community. By Saturday, we found that many people we encountered knew about Maddie and most people were carrying her flyer in their coat pockets in case they came across information on her whereabouts. At this point, we all tried to remain optimistic, but were increasingly concerned about her safety and the likelihood of recovery.

Finally, Saturday’s adventure brought some leads for the first time since the original dog tracker on Tuesday.  After canvassing all day, volunteers learned of several separate reports of sightings of a puppy matching Maddie’s description in a park North of the home where she was lost. We began to refocus our search efforts to that general area.

On Saturday night, we brought the search and rescue dog back into the new area of focus.  CDR Fosters and Adopters Megan back with Toby again, came into the city right after getting home (an hour away!) so that they could show the tracker where people had said that Maddie had been.  The tracking dog’s findings corroborated the reports of sightings of Maddie and tracked her scent around two city blocks.  In this path, we came across several well-fed and scrappy cats, but still no Maddie.  The tracking dog then specifically zeroed in on the crawl space under two residences off one alley. The tracking dog’s handler believed that Maddie had been hiding under these buildings recently. The search dog’s findings brought invigorated hope to this very tired team of volunteers, but we all also continued to wrestle with the horrible possibility that Maddie could be out there, frightened, cold, and alone.

Volunteers led by Guiding Star, Carmen, reconvened on Sunday to focus on the areas where the search dog tracked Maddie’s scent. Foster moms, Pat and Carlyn, also brought out two of Maddie’s brothers in the hopes that they would lure her out of her hiding place. Volunteers walked the streets and alleys for hours on this very cold and overcast day looking for any sign of the lost puppy. At the end of one alley, chained dogs lunged at us and the puppies. When we approached the men behind them to tell them about Maddie, they said we just wasting paper.

It is important to note that vast majority of the residents of this neighborhood were on our team fighting to find Maddie. Neighborhood children rode their bikes alongside our search groups calling for her and peeking in potential hiding places.  People walking around promised to be on the lookout and saved our flyers.

As we continued to look for Maddie, the volunteers met a man selling his pitbull puppy that he told us was too small to fight and were told that she would likely be used as “bait” if she wasn’t purchased. One of the volunteers with us asked if CDR would authorize the “pull” of this dog if she could foster and the Directors agreed to take the dog right then and there. While we hadn’t found Maddie at that point, we were able to save one puppy.  That gave us a sense that all of our efforts were not in vain.  The circumstances behind the selling of the puppy are being investigated by the proper authorities.

After an exhaustive search of our new target area, we left with little more information about Maddie’s whereabouts than when we arrived. Frustrated, tired and cold, our volunteers left without Maddie. We were feeling very defeated at this point.

Shortly after arriving home, a call came in from a woman in Anacostia named Peaches.  She said repeatedly that she was certain that her daughter had our dog.

Peaches relayed to us a recent trip to the store with her daughter. Her daughter mentioned to another person in the store that she wanted a dog and a man who overheard mentioned that his friend was trying to sell a dog because he couldn’t take care of it anymore. When they asked what kind of dog he was selling, the man said it was a mix, and he wasn’t sure what kind but it could be a pit. Peaches and her daughter went to V Street and bought the dog from the man’s friend.  A couple days later, a friend of Peaches asked about her daughter’s new dog because she said there were flyers of a lost dog in the neighborhood and groups of people were looking for her everyday.

Peaches called the number on the poster knowing the dog was Maddie.  Director Darren called her on the phone and stayed on her speakerphone as Peaches went to her daughter’s home to retrieve Maddie.  Her daughter was not home, but her daughter’s boyfriend was there and told Peaches that he wanted to keep this puppy because she was a pit.  Peaches said she knew from the posters that Maddie was a HOUND dog and that she belonged to someone who cared enough to hang posters everywhere. On speakerphone, Darren told Peaches that the police could pick up the dog if we had the address. Peaches went outside to the steps to get the address and the boyfriend, overhearing the conversation about the police, handed Maddie over to Peaches.

Peaches drove Maddie back to City Dogs Daycare where they were both greeted by a welcoming party of ecstatic, emotional and relieved volunteers! Peaches was our hero in Maddie’s unfortunate adventure. Without her, it is unlikely that we would have ever recovered our Maddie.  Peaches received a reward check of $750 donated by very generous CDR supporters. (We also named our newest rescue who looks like Maddie in honor of Peaches.)

The first order of business was a collar with a CDR tag and a harness! Maddie appeared to be in good condition and was eager to play with the other dogs. That night she went home to a wonderful, safe foster home with Carlyn and Pat in Fairfax, Virginia with two of her brothers (Cosmo and Brayden) and slept in a warm bed with a full tummy.

The story of Maddie is also the story of City Dog Rescue’s first (and hopefully last) lost dog search. The experience all made us appreciate the safety of our own dogs a little bit more. The takeaway from Maddie’s adventure is to always be vigilant about the safety and security of your own dogs. Dogs should not be left outside unattended even in fenced-in areas. Fences must be maintained and surveyed for escape routes that may develop through a dog digging or a newly missing fence post. An up-to-date tag should be on every dog. (Had someone not removed Maddie’s tag, this little misadventure may have never happened.) Maddie was too young to be microchipped, but this is yet another safeguard that can help you recover your dog in the event he or she is lost. Another great local resource is Lost & Found Dogs - DC Metro Area on Facebook.

We could not be more amazed at the outpouring of support and volunteerism in the search for Maddie.  At times, it felt totally hopeless, but City Dogs Rescue is truly a great community that came together to find this brave puppy! We want to thank our own volunteers but also the many concerned citizens of Anacostia who came to our aid over the course of this search. People on the street asked us what was so special about this puppy - - we told them we had made a commitment to her and there were a whole lot of people who wanted to make sure that that commitment was fulfilled. Welcome home, Maddie!  You're a pretty tough cookie, too! We can all sleep better at night.


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Aka, American eskimo

Eagle Rock Family Reunites With Lost Dog After 2 Years
March 7, 2013

BALDWIN PARK — A family was reunited Tuesday with their missing dog after two years thanks to a microchip and the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center.

The family of the 10-year-old American Eskimo mix named Aka, which is a Hawaiian name for Shadow, received a call from the County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control after the staff received their contact information from a microchip implanted in the dog.

"As standard procedure, we scan every animal for a microchip that comes into our care for this very reason,” DACC Director Marcia Mayeda said in a statement.

Authorities recommend microchipping pets, which means implanting a tiny computer chip that has an unique identification number programmed into it.

“Microchipping your pets is one of the easiest ways to ensure you are reunited with your lost pet,” Mayeda said.

Aka’s family had given up hope she would never be found after she went missing from the backyard of their Eagle Rock home in 2011


Monday, March 25, 2013

Sammie, husky

Lost Dog Reunited with Owner Through Facebook Connection
By Anna Schier
March 2, 2013

After Sammie the Siberian Husky disappeared from his yard Friday afternoon, his owner, Maryann Boltd, worried that he might be gone forever.

When Sammie the Husky went missing Friday, both his owner and the man who found him took to the social media site in an effort bring him home.

Luckily, Sammie was found by Myron Phelps, a painter working on a house just two yards down from Boltd's home on S. California Avenue.

With a little help from Facebook, Phelps was able to bring Sammie back to his owner, safe and sound.

When Phelps found the dog, he took him home with him for the night and posted a picture of Sammie on Facebook, hoping someone might recognize the dog and help him locate the owner.

Boldt and her friends posted pictures of Sammie on the social networking site as well, and one woman, Catherine Petersen Marshall Plowman, saw both pictures and connected the dots to unite Phelps and Boldt and bring the lost dog home.

Only a day after he went missing, Sammie and his owner were reunited.

"I'm so thankful to both of them," said Boldt.


Sunday, March 24, 2013

BA, great dane

Owner reunited with lost dog after 7 years apart
By Marc Martinez, FOX 10 New
Posted: Nov 28, 2012

TEMPE, Ariz. - This story is pretty incredible. A valley man who lost his dog in North Carolina has gotten his dog back 7 years later.

It was all thanks to a microchip implanted in the dog's shoulder.

The dog was found wandering the streets of Durham, North Carolina last month in pretty bad shape.

After the Humane Society scanned him for a chip, they found a phone number that put them in touch with his owner, who now lives in Tempe. Now after all these years the two are now back together.

ASU assistant swim coach Dan Kesler and his Doberman B.A. have been reunited after spending the last 7 years apart.

B.A. ran off during a thunderstorm in North Carolina when he was 3 years old.

"The first night I spent outside waiting for him to come back, because I honestly thought he would come back that night. Within a week I thought he would show up - but then as weeks turned into months and months turned into years… did I think he'd be back - I can't say yes. But I never gave up hope."

Dan always wondered what happened to his four legged friend, who had a microchip. He hoped someday he would get the call he was waiting for.

"Yeah I never changed my number throughout the years depending on the job or wherever I was at - I never changed the number just in case this happened."

Four weeks ago the call finally came.

"Oh my God it's my dog - I have to do whatever I have to do to get my dog back!" he recalls.

B.A. was flown to Arizona at the beginning of the month. Dan picked him up at the airport.

"You know there's little commands that he knew were me - that he remembered and picked up on. So I honestly think he did remember me."

Dan says it's still hard to believe he and B.A. are back together again.

"There's so many things that had to line up throughout this whole process that ended up lining up. To be able to have him back as well," he says. "It's amazing. It's absolutely amazing."

You may have noticed B.A. has a bandage on his leg. That's because at some point he broke his leg, and a metal rod had become infected. It's now been taken out and he is well on the road to recovery.


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Meggie, sheltie

New York dog missing since July is reunited with owner
By: Penny Eims
March 22, 2013

On Friday morning, a dog who had been missing since the first of July, was captured and reunited with her guardian in New York.

Click here to watch the story unfold by video

According to WHAM News, the five-year-old Sheltie, named "Meggie," was captured around 3 a.m. at a home in Penfield Gardens.

A Facebook page created to help bring the lost dog home was updated on Friday with the elaborate plan which is being credited for Meggie's capture.

The plan to catch the wary dog began to come together after Meggie was spotted in a homeowner's yard back on Feb. 15. It started with the creation of a feeding station, and grew from there...encompassing the help of the homeowners, an electrical engineer and a great deal of patience.

Our heroes, the homeowners, enclosed a small porch with chicken wire and devised a gate that would drop and enclose her if she came on the porch.

Another friend who is an electrical engineer devised a remote switch that dropped the gate in just under a second.

The homeowners also bought a surveillance camera so we would know when she came, which was always at night. The camera monitor beeps when the camera is activated.

Between the surveillance cameras, the special, remote-controlled gate, and an extraordinarily helpful homeowner, the nervous dog, who had been on her own for so many months, was finally captured.

Thankfully, despite Meggie's months long adventure, she appears to be in good health.


Friday, March 22, 2013

Henry, Pomeranian

Joy as dog stolen in Hackney is reunited with owner four months on
by Aimee Brannen
Friday, March 8, 2013

A dog which was snatched and bundled into a van has been reunited with his owner, three months after being stolen.

Verity Phillips, 27, had lost all hope of finding her 18- month-old Pomeranian pooch Henry after the callous thief stole him before her eyes in Hackney Downs on December 4.

The trainee accountant from Chichester was staying with her boyfriend nearby, and had taken Henry for a quick walk along Cecilia Road when he was set upon by another dog.

As Miss Phillips struggled to free Henry from the jaws of the bull terrier, she let go of his lead and the pooch fled down the street and into the arms of the thief.

She said: “I took off, running after him, screaming, thinking he was going to get run over as he’s so small.

“As I got around the corner into Downs Park Road I heard a squeal and saw a person grab him. I remember taking a gasp of relief that someone had caught him but in a millisecond he had driven off.

“I crumbled onto the ground in the middle of the road. I’ve never been so broken in my life.”

A distraught Miss Phillips spent days searching estates in Hackney, but her vet told her there was little hope of finding Henry alive as he had just had a major leg operation and would have needed urgent medical attention.

She said: “I was grieving and was not okay, but I had come to terms with it, mainly because I thought he was no longer alive.”

But then out of the blue two weeks ago, Miss Phillips received a call from Hackney Police telling her that they were about to carry out a raid on an address in the borough and that a small dog, similar in appearance to Henry, had been sighted there.

Once the dog was retrieved, they took him to the Goddard Veterinary Group in Well Road, Hackney, which confirmed it was Henry through his microchip.

Miss Phillips, who was reunited with Henry three hours later, said: “It was absolutely joyous. As soon as he heard my voice, he started squealing uncontrollably and he leapt towards me. His whole body was shaking.

“His leg is messed up and it might have to be amputated. And he is a little bit afraid, and gets a bit nervous – I think he keeps having flashbacks every now and again.”

She thanked Hackney police and Goddards for their help. Brian Barnett, a vet at Goddards, said: “It was a privilege to watch Verity and Henry’s reunion and made us very happy. Unfortunately, there are many similar stories with no happy ending – animals that disappear or are brought into us as strays but are not chipped so we have no way of identifying their owner.”


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Velvet, dachshund

5 Long Years Later the Phone Rings
Posted By: Rod, Albuquerque, NM

Rod and his wife’s miniature dachshund, Velvet, went missing back in 2007.

After hundreds of flyers and searching for two years, they finally decided that their "Velvet" was lost forever. Not knowing what happened to her led to long nights thinking about her.

One afternoon in mid-September 2012, five years after Velvet disappeared, Rod got a call from the Albuquerque Animal Services. He thought at first that it was a prank call.

The animal control officer indicated that they had located him via the HomeAgain microchip service center, and assured him it was not a prank.

In total shock, he asked if she was alive. The officer said, "Yes, she is sitting here wagging her tail! "

Wow! He went to the shelter, without telling his wife, and after verifying all the information, Velvet was released to Rod. Animal Services didn't realize they just found a dog that had been missing for over 5 years!

Rod’s wife didn't know what – or in this case, who – Rod was bringing home, and he regrets not video taping the reunion between them when he got home. It was so emotional!

They immediately took Velvet to their vet, where they too were so happy that Velvet was back home! They talked about all the missing pet posters on their wall and how people should never give up hope for finding their missing pets even after 5 YEARS!

Rod says Thanks so much to HomeAgain! Chip Chip Hooray!


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Leia, schnauzer

Alma Dominguez's Lost Dog, Leia, Found After 2 Years And 700 Miles; Owner And Pet Reunited
Posted: 03/19/2013

When Alma Dominguez’s beloved dog, Leia, went missing from El Paso, Texas, during a rainstorm, Alma and her husband, Alberto, were devastated. The couple searched for their lost dog for more than two years, and had almost given up hope of ever finding her. Then a phone call changed everything.

Video available

In this clip from the OWN series “Lost and Found," Annmarie Anderson -- a dog rescuer in Denver, Colorado -- recounts the amazing phone call she received from Alma. “She said, ‘You might have my dog,’” remembers Annmarie. But was it really the same Leia, two years and 700 miles away?

After looking at the Dominguez's pictures of Leia on Facebook, Annmarie put Alma on speakerphone so the dog could hear Alma's voice. “[Her] little tail was wagging and she was doing the little cry in her throat,” Annmarie says. “We realized right away that we had the right owner and dog.”

Alma was overjoyed, tears running down her face. “I wasn’t expecting it,” she says. “I’d found my Leia.”

How Leia got from El Paso to Denver is still a mystery, but the only thing that mattered was bringing her back home. Alma and Alberto traveled to Denver to reunite with their dog.

Watch the video to see the couple's emotional reunion with Leia after two long years and hear what they have to say now that they have their beloved family member back.

"Lost and Found" airs on OWN.


A different version of this story was posted to this blog on 9/20/2011. This great 5-minute video was just posted on Huffington Post.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Katie Jo, shih poo

Dog lost for month returned to couple
By Ana LeyStaff Writer
Monday, March 18, 2013

With the help of watchful San Antonians, a dog lost when an Iowa couple's pickup was burglarized while they toured the Alamo City last month is back with her family.

Katie Jo, a 4-year-old Shih Poo went missing in February and was recently recovered

James Maschmann told police he and his wife, Hettie, went into a Cracker Barrel on Southeast Military Drive near Interstate 37 on Feb. 7 while their 4-year-old Shih-poo named Katie Jo waited in their pickup outside.

They left the passenger-side window open so she could get some air, according to an incident report.

When they returned, she was missing along with Maschmann's cellphone and other personal belongings. Hettie Maschmann suspects Katie Jo may have jumped on the pickup's door and unlocked it, because there were no obvious signs of forced entry on the truck.

San Antonio police issued an alert Wednesday asking people to come forward with any information about the missing pet, and the couple on Saturday posted a Craigslist ad offering $1,000 for her return. The couple said the Shih-poo, a Shih Tzu-poodle mix, is valued at $500.

After local television stations aired photographs of the tiny, almond-eyed furball last week, the couple got a bevy of calls from residents who spotted Katie Jo around town.

A local couple called late Sunday and offered to return her to the Maschmanns, who were still in the New Braunfels area. The Maschmanns thanked them with the $1,000 reward.

“It's not like we have a money tree in our backyard in Iowa,” Hettie Maschmann said, adding that her husband had even considered offering his Harley Davidson motorcycle as a reward. “But you just can't put a value on (Katie Jo).”

She said the tame, playful dog — though a bit more timid since the incident — surprisingly has gained weight.

“I was expecting to find her very thin,” Hettie Maschmann said. “She's very chubby.”

A Facebook page dedicated to Katie Jo's return thanked San Antonians for helping the couple find her.

“Katie Jo is home safe and sound!!” a wall post read. “Thank you to everyone for the thoughts and prayers! We are absolutely overjoyed to have her back! God bless all of you who spread word about Katie and assisted us in getting her back.”

Police said no one has been charged in the theft.


Monday, March 18, 2013

Lucy, lab

Owner Recognizes Dog After Hearing It Bark Over The Phone
Jan 16, 2013

COMMERCE, GA-- Shane Wilson's prayers were answered when he received a telephone call Tuesday morning.

The caller told him she and a friend found his dog Lucy. "I don't know what to say other than I'm a lucky man," Wilson said.

Six days ago, Lucy jumped out of the back of Wilson's pickup truck at Banks Crossing in Commerce. He has been driving 30 miles from his home in Stephens County to Commerce to look for Lucy every day since.

Lucy was found by two strangers. She was wandering along I-85 when Becky Davis and Tiffany Scoggins spotted him.

The friends were getting breakfast at the Cracker Barrel in Commerce when they saw Lucy. They walked down the exit ramp to get to her.

"We pulled out the treats and she just let me put the leash around her neck," Davis said.

Davis and Scoggins had no idea who Lucy was even though Wilson had posted flyers all over Commerce. They took her to a local vet who recognized the dog.

"They immediately recognized her and they were like, 'she's the dog'," Davis said.

Lucy is a service dog who helps Wilson, who lost a leg in a motorcycle crash five years ago. When Scoggins called him to say that she found Lucy, he was leery because he has had so many false hopes over the past six days.

Wilson told Scoggins to hold a dog treat up and say "Lucy, speak." She did and Lucy barked. "I heard her bark and I said I'm on the way and I kind of hung up on her," Wilson said.

"He was so happy, he was hysterical," Davis said. "He immediately knew and said 'stay right there, I'm coming'."

Wilson offered a $500 reward to anyone who found Lucy. Davis and Scoggins would have none of it. "It was worth everything," Scoggins said. "That was worth a million dollars, it made our day," Davis said.


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cookie, blind JRT

Missing blind dog found by MOD radar
Saturday 16th March 2013

A WOMAN has been reunited with her blind Jack Russell dog after friends, neighbours and strangers joined together in a three day search spanning miles... and a military firing range.

Karen Quinn with her dog, Cookie

Karen Quinn, of Oban Road, Southend, was distraught when her beloved dog Cookie did a runner while they were out walking in Shoebury.

Despite a frantic initial search, Karen couldn't find her and she asked neighbours to keep an eye out. She said: "We looked for her until it was so dark, we couldn't see to look any more."

Neighbours were up at 6:30am the next morning, putting up posters, searching and rallying friends and strangers to help - but there was still no sign of her.

On the third day, Karen recieved a message from the Ministry of Defence base at Shoebury, saying her dog had been spotted by a radar operator at the firing ranges.

But by 4pm when they were allowed onto the ranges, the dog had vanished.

Karens friends posted a photo on Facebook and she was overwhelmed by the response. She said: "People were going out in cars looking for her, and my phone didn't stop ringing with sightings of her."

Cookie was eventually found by the side of a busy road, having been all around Shoebury, Southend, Great Wakering and East Beach.

Karen said: "I'm just so glad I got her back, and I wanted to thank everybody who helped out - friends, neighbours, people going out in cars all day looking for her.

"You hear of so many dogs going missing, and you never seem to hear about the ones who come back.

"It just goes to show what you can do when a whole community works together."


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Morgan, lab rott mix

Eight-month search ends as Gaines Township man finds missing dog at Genesee County shelter
By Ron Fonger, The Flint Journal
March 07, 2013

GENESEE COUNTY, MI -- Matt McMichael had almost given up looking for his missing dog Morgan, which slipped out of her backyard last Independence Day and hadn't been seen since.

Morgan, a 9-year-old Labrador-Rottweiler, licks the face of owner Matt McMichael of Gaines Township as son Conner, 8, watches at the Genesee County Animal Control shelter today, March 7.

But after searching the streets around his Gaines Township home,  taping up flyers and searching the Internet, McMichael found her Thursday, March 7, in the same place he adopted her nine years ago:

The county Animal Control shelter.

"We looked all summer and pretty much had all but given up," McMichael said when he claimed Morgan.

McMichael came to the shelter after his wife spotted Morgan on the Facebook page of the Genesee County Animals In Need Of Homes and Rescues.

Shelter workers said Morgan was turned in by a man who found her in the Linden area. The female Labrador-Rottweiller mix was turned over to the shelter Feb. 23, but employees had no further details about when she had first been found or how the man found her.

McMichael said Morgan was in good shape, given her long absence. He knew she was his dog by the way she shook her head at him from a holding cage at the shelter -- near another cage where he found and adopted her when she was a puppy.

McMichael said the dog may have been frightened by July 4 fireworks on the night she slipped away from home.

The family never adopted another dog after she turned up missing.

"It's good not to give up," he said. "We've still got her bowls and toys."


Friday, March 15, 2013

Max, golden retriever

Facebook Helps Bring Dave Vitali's Dog Home 3 Months After He Went Missing
Posted: 03/14/2013

Later this week, Dave Vitali of Georgia is set to be reunited with his lost dog Max after more than 3 months apart, reports West Michigan's Fox17.

Video available
The Golden Retriever was found after Indiana local Ann Miller posted a photo of him to her Facebook page on Sunday night.

"Someone said, 'I think that's the dog that was missing from Plymouth, Indiana in an accident,’” Miller told WSBT. “And It all just kind of escalated from there.”

According to the Fox17 video above, Vitali was taking Max to Grand Rapids, Mich., to visit his 11-year-old daughter for the holidays when he crashed his pick-up truck. Seconds after the crash Vitali was hanging upside down bleeding, while Max was lying next to him. But when he heard ambulance sirens approaching, he fled and could not be found.

Once released from the hospital, Vitali began the search for his dog. He contacted several news outlets in northern Indiana to spread the word.

Miller, who first met Max in a Galveston shelter 50 miles south of where the accident occurred, adopted the dog last weekend.

After the Facebook post, Miller and a few friends went online and found a WBST story about Max from around the date of the crash. They were able to obtain contact information for a friend of Vitali's, who put them in touch with the owner.

Now, Vitali will make the journey from Georgia to Indianapolis in a few days' time. On Tuesday morning, he told WSBT that his daughter “is about to be the happiest little girl in the world.”

This isn't the first time Facebook has assisted in locating a lost dog.

In 2011, Amber Yaw posted a lost ad on Facebook about her dog Lucy. At the same time, the man who found her posted an ad on Craigslist and a connection was made.


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Knik, husky

Lost dog reunited with family through Facebook
Krister Rollins, WOWT
Feb 26, 2013

OMAHA, Nebraska (WOWT) - Imagine the concern: two of your dogs go missing. After a search, the first dog is found but no sign of the other one. 

This story has a happy ending and the link in this case: Facebook.

The first dog, Knik, wandered away from his Omaha, Nebraska home last Thursday just ahead of the big snow storm and somewhere along the way he lost his tags.

Finally, about a mile away from home the wayward dog found something of interest, a window full of dogs 

It's a pet daycare facility called "Come Sit Stay."

"I opened the door and he just ran right in the lobby," daycare owner Renee Johnson said. The Humane Society was closed so Johnson posted Knik's picture on Facebook.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Finley, golden retriever

Missing Service Dog, Owner Reunited In Berks County
By Bruce Gordon
Mar 08, 2013

WYOMISSING, Pa. - In Berks County, it's a happy ending to a "tail" of lost and found: Finley, the golden retriever, is back with his companion.

"It was, relief, like, I can't believe it," 46-year-old stroke victim Denice DeAntonio told FOX 29's Bruce Gordon Friday, while seated on the couch of her Fleetwood home, with her service dog by her side.

Volunteers, including handlers with tracking dogs, had combed wooded areas in nearby Wyomissing in search of the 2-year-old golden Retriever since his disappearance Tuesday evening.

Around 9 a.m. Friday, a woman living about half a mile southeast of the search zone called to say Finley had turned up in her backyard.

"I think definitely my first reaction was...prayers were answered," said DeAntonio.

First stop was the Oley Valley Animal Clinic, where Finley was checked out and found to be in good shape, though a few pounds lighter.

"Diagnosis is he's going to be just fine," says Dr. Nicole Hart. "I told them, 'Go home, give him small, frequent meals today just to ease his stomach back into eating, since he went for a couple of days without eating.'"

Denice says she'll let Finley rest and recuperate for a few days.

Then, they'll resume the training, the practice, the bonding that had just begun when the pair were separated.

Denice says her stroke four years ago left her in a dark place, but that the kindness of strangers – in person and online – has her re-examining her life.

"Finley is home, we can move in the direction that we were headed, but I think that a bigger lesson is learned: that ... just how good people are," she said.

My29 WFTC Minneapolis-St. Paul


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sparkles, cocker spaniel

Woman Reunited with Lost Dog
Channel 5 News
Mar 8, 2013

McALLEN - Bekkie Acedo of McAllen thought she has lost her best friend forever. A few hours later, she was reunited with her beloved cocker spaniel.

A CHANNEL 5 NEWS viewer saw Acedo's story and contacted her.

"She said ‘I have Sparkles.' And I said, ‘how much money do you want?' And she said, ‘I don't want any money. I just want to return your dog to you,'" Acedo said of her conversation with the stranger.

Acedo drove 15 minutes from McAllen to an apartment complex in Edinburg.

"Oh my Gosh! Sparkles! Hi baby! Oh my God! Oh, hi mama! Where have you been? Oh! Thank you so much for taking care of her for me," an ecstatic Acedo said.

"She looks very well taken care of. Thank you so, so much," Acedo said fighting back tears.

Jessica Garcia said she found Sparkles while looking for a dog on Craigslist. She answered one of the ads.

"He was like, ‘if you want to take her off my hands, I would be happy if you did,'" Garcia said.

She picked up the dog three weeks ago. Garcia said the renamed the dog Lucy.

Garcia said she and her son fell in love with the cocker spaniel. Her heart sank when her mother called her to tell her about the news report.

"Lucy's on CHANNEL 5 ... they're looking for her," Garcia's mother said.

"I ran to my brother-in-law's room. I was like, ‘you need to go online. Search it.' And that's how we got the information," Garcia said.

"There are no words to describe it. She brings such joy to my life. I don't think she realizes," Acedo said.


Monday, March 11, 2013

Abby, beagle

Boy, 8, reunited with lost dog after two months
By Trishna Begam
Mar 07, 2013

GRANVILLE, N.Y. -- After almost two months of searching for their lost dog, a local family got their happy ending when they were reunited with their pet.

Abby the Beagle is now back safe at home with his owner 8-year-old Scott Wittman, but for two months she was out in the elements of the outdoors.

It is clear the bond that Scott has with his dog Abby. "She's like my side kick," he said.

About two months ago Scott lost his side kick when Abby jumped a fence in their back yard.

"It broke my heart because there was nothing I could do," said Scott's mother, Angela Sakowich.

Scott says all he wanted for his birthday in January was to have Abbey back home, so his mother created a Facebook page, put up pictures of Abby, even asked to post her information on NEWS10's Facebook page.

"It was day by day, week by week... Nothing," said Sakowich.

Then about a month ago, three miles away on his hunting camp ground, Ken Whitney noticed paw prints. The two-year-old Beagle had been staying underneath this porch for weeks.

Whitney calls her a survivor since she endured two snow storms and fended for herself.

"I noticed this dog is so skinny I realized this dog is living here, we have to feed it," said Whitney.

As Scott's birthday came and went, the family still had no sign of Abby.

"I could never get close enough to it to see what the tag numbers were," said Whitney.

After a month of taking care of Abby, Ken was finally able to get near her to look at her collar, and that's when he discovered Abby's owner information.

"It ended up being a little boy... That made my day," said Whitney.

Abby was reunited with Scott and his mom last Friday, a belated birthday reunion for Scott and his sidekick.

"Words cannot express how happy we are," said Sakowich.

NEWS10 ABC: Albany, New York News, Weather, Sports


Another version of the story is at

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Perseus, yellow lab

Dog lost during JJ's fire reunited with owner
March 9, 2013

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Perseus, the yellow lab that went missing shortly after the JJ's explosion Feb. 19, has been reunited with his owners.

Percy, very excited to see his human, John Verstraete, 
for the first time in 18 days

The search began around 9:30 Saturday morning when Theodore Charles, who lives near 36th Street and Garfield Avenue, spotted a dog matching Perseus's description.

"We remember seeing it on TV, and so I said, well I'd better call these people and see if this is the dog," Charles said.

Soon after Charles made that phone call, posts started to pop up on the "Bring Perseus Home" Facebook page about the sighting. Stacy Reeves, founder of PetEx Rescue and Transport, had been following the story for the past couple weeks.

"I was seeing my friends post that they were actively following Percy," Reeves said.

So Reeves and her boyfriend, Robbie Jupina, rushed to the neighborhood where "Percy" was last seen.

"We got to 36th and Wabash and that was where we saw him bolt across the street, so I went bolting after him," Jupina said.

Reeves and Jupina, along with other volunteers, helped to corner and held Perseus until his owner, Dr. John Verstraete, could be reunited with his dog.

"The second that Doctor Verstraete showed up, his whole demeanor, his body, everything changed, and he started whining in happiness," Reeves said of the dog.

After the reunion, the owners had Perseus checked out at the vet and were told he was fine, except for a couple of scrapes. The dog’s condition surprised his rescuers.

"For a dog to live through two snowstorms and to avoid being hit by any vehicles, it’s amazing," Jupina said.

Although the web played a part in tracking Perseus down, it all began with an old-fashioned phone call.

"To know that I did at least help this guy get his dog, man, it was a pretty good feeling," Charles said.

Dr. Verstraete posted on facebook Saturday night that he would give the $1,500 reward to Charles, and that “he will accept the reward whether he wants to or not. :)”



Saturday, March 9, 2013

Booth, sheltie

Booth Found!
By Kristi Martin
March 9, 2013

Booth, a young shetland sheepdog, had been adopted by Kristi inlate February. This was Washington DC, and Booth had been in Kentucky beforethat.

A couple of weeks after Booth had been adopted, he and his brother, Derby, and Kristi were taking a walk in the neighborhood. Booth found an opportunity to break away to go do what he thought would be some fun exploring, and he bolted! This was on Tuesday, March 5th.

After initially trying unsuccessfully to catch up with him, Kristi sprang into action, pulling together many friends to begin a big flyering effort. She began a social media campaign as well, setting up a Facebook page and a blog to spread the word, communicate with volunteers, and make the flyer available,along with the sighting map. 

Also, she and some new supporters managed to get anumber of articles posted in as many as four online news outlets within the nextseveral days. Some sighting calls were coming in, which was not just helpfulbut critical to the search.

The break came just 3 1/2 days later, on Saturday morning. Hereis how Kristi tells the story (paraphrased):

Booth, on the left, with his brother Derby, who is so happy that Booth is home now!

At 7am this morning, Booth's newest friend Matt called me after seeing one of the flyers, to say that he spotted a dog that looked like Booth in the Mt Zion cemetery on 27th and Q Streets NW. I immediately went down with Derby to check it out. We walked the cemetery perimeter for about 30 minutes, leaving scent strips and the fried chicken and kibble special salad. No sighting for me. 

At 8:30am, my friend and I ran back down to the cemetery meeting another friend, John M, who came to look for Booth. We dropped more scent strips and more special salad. But, no sighting. Another kind stranger, Krishna, showed up and offered to continue to keep an eye out.

My friends, Andrea C and Katie M and I went for a run on the Mall. At 10am, I started receiving phone calls. First, from a woman whose friend was at the cemetery and so was Booth. Then, a man called saying there was a dog at the cemetery that matched the flyer. And, a third call. All from the flyers!

I told the man not to chase Booth, but just watch, and try to keep him in the area. I was on my way! 

Andrea, Katie, and I jumped into a cab at the Lincoln Memorial and told the cab driver all about it. Because I was out running, I didn't have any food. Andrea had Honeystringer gummy chews so I put them in the ziploc bag that  the special salad was in. Katie paid the cab, and I briskly walked toward the cemetery from Q Street NW.

When I got there, a number of everyday heroes were gathered near the fence that separates the Mt Zion cemetery from Oak Hill Cemetery. THEY HAD CAUGHT BOOTH! With the help of their little dog, the group of awesome strangers had circled Booth and got him against a fence. One man stepped on his leash, which thankfully Booth was still dragging, and that was it! 

We walked home and are now getting back into normal.

You would never know Booth had his little adventure as he pranced up Wisconsin Ave. There were a few people that recognized him and cheered! He is no worse for the wear, and I fear enjoyed his few days of adventure in Rock Creek Park.

Thank you to everyone that offered support, put up flyers, got the word out, sent tips, went searching for Booth, and just generally cared about this little guy. We will head to the vet next week to make sure everything is a-ok, and will be doing a good brushing this afternoon. Right now, he is wrestling with Derby, eating and generally being a little dog. 


Kristi, Booth, and Derby


Friday, March 8, 2013

Foxy, foxhound mix

Whittier Family Reunited With Beloved Pooch After 2 Years
March 6, 2013 5:53 PM

WHITTIER ( —   The Martinez family, who live in Whittier, are not only surprised their missing dog was found and is now back home — they’re thrilled.

Foxy was found in Riverside, dozens of miles away. And she had been missing for two long years.

The family spent the day with her Wednesday in the park. The family told CBS2/KCAL9′s Amy Johnson they had a lot of catching up to do.

“She’s the same dog. She’s really friendly. And she was very happy to see us,” said Larry Martinez.

The family got a call Tuesday from the Riverside County Animal Shelter that Foxy — part Fox Hound — had been found.

“We were so surprised. A little in shock. A little disbelief but at the same time happy,” said Martinez.

His wife Christina went to the shelter to see if they indeed had found Foxy. The meeting was captured on camera by the shelter. “I was just so happy,” said Christina Martinez. “The minute I said her name. she reacted so I knew it was her.”

Foxy disappeared in late 2010 when the family was in the process of moving. They searched, put up flyers, called animal shelters but Foxy made her way from Montebello to Riverside where she was found Tuesday.

“Maybe someone in Montebello picked her up and then moved,” said Christina. “Or someone took her for a long ride. I have no idea how she got there. I don’t know what happened to her. I wish she could tell us.”

Foxy will never be able to tell the Martinez family where she was all this time. But they are grateful that they had her microchipped.

“My family is happy, my kids are happy. My wife is really  happy. They’re happy, I’m happy. We’re all happy,” said Larry.


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Midge in Wisconsin

The Weekend Getaway – Midge’s Story
By Jami Radant, Lost Dogs of Wisconsin volunteer
on February 11, 2013

Ah, vacation! Who doesn’t love a weekend away? No work, bills, home repairs, or everyday hassles. What could be better? For humans, this is true, but did you ever stop to think what this might mean for a dog?

In the case of Midge, her owners were going up north for the weekend, and dogs weren’t allowed where they were staying. Midge’s owner wasn’t sure how she would tell her oldest daughter that her best friend Midge wasn’t coming on the trip, but at the same time, it was only for three days. What could go wrong?

Knowing Midge was scared of strangers, Midge’s owner decided to leave her with her niece, who lived farther away, but had met Midge several times. Her niece worked at the Humane Society and was very good with dogs so she was certain this was the perfect fit. When the time came to drop Midge off, Midge jumped out of the car, eager to investigate new territory. It wasn’t until after Midge’s family left that she started to get scared. Where was she? Where did her family go? Not knowing what to make of the situation, Midge saw the door open and took the first opportunity she could to run outside and head back home.

Distraught that Midge had slipped away, the owner’s niece called Lost Dogs of Wisconsin immediately and began distributing flyers. She also talked to neighbors, contacted the police, and set a humane trap outside.  With friends and family, she scoured the neighborhood, looking for any signs of Midge. She found none. Frustrated that she might not be doing enough, she began grilling some food, hoping that the scent would bring the dog back to the house. It didn’t. Lost Dogs continued to reassure both Midge’s owner and her niece not to give up hope. They had posted Midge’s profile and were spreading the word by social media.

Weeks passed, Midge’s owner’s vacation had long since ended, and there was still no sign of Midge. The owner’s niece was still searching for Midge daily and continued to spread the word. Trying to think of new ways to find the dog, Midge’s owner had her friend bring a dog that Midge had played with out on one of the searches hoping that maybe Midge would recognize the dog’s sound or scent. Still, nothing.

Then, on the 28th day of Midge’s disappearance, a neighbor spotted her! Midge’s owner’s husband hopped in the car immediately. When he got to his niece’s house, Midge was nowhere to be found. As they’d been instructed, the neighbors had not chased Midge because she was a shy dog and they didn’t want to scare her. Unfortunately, in the time it had taken Midge’s owner to arrive, they’d lost sight of her.
Midge’s owner called her name but was not able to get her to come. Just as quickly as the excitement of finding her had set in, disappointment began to take hold. He decided to go talk to the policeman that was there. As he walked toward him, the officer pointed and said, “Is that your dog there?” Midge’s owner turned around, and before he knew it, Midge was in his arms!

Once home, Midge was showered with hugs and kisses. A quick bath and trip to the vet confirmed that Midge had no injuries or health issues.


Looking back on this story, what did Midge’s owner do wrong? Nothing. She did what most dog owners would do — she found a relative she trusted to watch her dog, and the choice she made was a good one, because Midge may not have been found had her niece not taken quick and thorough action. In the case of Midge, spreading the word brought her home.

Is there a moral to this story? Maybe. It might be to really think about your dog’s personality and behaviors. Anticipate anything that could go wrong based on those behaviors and come up with a plan to either prevent them from happening, or hatch a recovery plan in case they do happen.


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Brownie, black dog

Brownie, Scared Off by Fireworks, is Found 9 Weeks Later
March 6th, 2013

Jim Branson is not your average guy. He’s a guy with a snappy snare, and a humane trap, and three dogs that each use their own special training to help find missing pets.

One of them, Kelsy, has been with him trailing the scent of missing pets for years. Fozzie is a magnet dog whose job is to be friendly and maybe invite another dog to play. That’s the long and short of Fozzie’s job. Komu was recently certified to find lost cats. Jim, who offers his services as Three Retrievers Lost Pet Rescue helps people find their missing pets, which means he helps pets in need.

On Wednesday, March 6th, as Jim was driving home, he passed a black dog that was on her own, crossing the street just a few blocks from his home. Not one to leave an unattended dog even without being asked to help, Jim stopped. There was an espresso stand not far from where he saw the dog, so Jim asked the guy running the stand about the dog. The man answered that he had been noticing the dog hanging around for a week. No huge surprise if there were other consumable vendors in the area.

Jim formulated a quick plan. He went home and got his snappy snare, his humane trap, and his magnet dog, Fozzie. They got back to the spot as quickly as possible. But no worries, as the dog, who we now know as Brownie, was still hanging around the espresso stand.

His first attempt was to use Fozzie and the snappy snare. They walked back and forth, ignoring the dog, which is a tactic that commonly works. But this dog was having none of it. No matter, Jim just put Fozzie back in the car, and went to Plan B. He found a place to set up and bait the humane trap.

He gave the espresso guy his contact information, and left to let the trap and the bait do its job.

Two hours later, Jim got the call that the dog had gone in to the trap. He went right out to the trap to take care of the dog.

As you can see in the photo, she had tags on that Jim was easily enough able to check, and find where and with whom she belonged.

He took her home, which was about seven miles away from the spot she had been hanging around in. Her family said she had been missing for nine weeks, since January 1st when she was scared away by fireworks.

Brownie was very happy to be back home.

Good job, Jim!!!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Miley, sheltie

Dog Believed "Stolen" Reunited with Owner
By: Lauren Vargas, WKRG
Published: March 04, 2013

THEODORE, Alabama -- Lonnie Smith spent the weekend desperately searching for his best friend; a mini collie dog named Miley.

"Just an all-around good dog. You couldn't ask for a better dog," Smith cried. "I haven't been eating right, I haven't been sleeping. I've been worried sick, I don't know if she's okay."

Lonnie Smith adopted Miley about six years ago. They've been inseparable ever since.

"He's not been the same since it happened," said Smith's friend and neighbor Jennifer Fant. "He's been devastated. This is his child, it's not just a dog to him."

On Friday night, Lonnie Smith went inside the Circle K on Old Pascagoula Rd. and McDonald Rd. to buy a drink and some cigarettes. Like she always does, Miley waited outside the convenience store doors for her owner. But when Lonnie came back outside, his dog was gone.

The manager says the surveillance video shows two women taking the dog and driving off in a Lincoln town car. Lonnie Smith assumed she'd been stolen.

"I blame myself," said Smith. "I just never thought someone would steal a dog. I've never been through nothing like this."

But while we were shooting this story at the Circle K Monday morning, our "stolen dog" story took an unexpected twist. The women seen on the security cameras taking Miley showed up. They say they thought the dog was a stray.

"My daughter said, 'Mama can I take her home?' And I said sure, I'd rather see her go home with me than get hurt." The woman who found the dog did not want her name released.

So what started as a desperate search to find the dog thieves appears to have been a big misunderstanding, with a happy ending and reunion for Lonnie and Miley.

This story was sent to us by one of our Facebook Fans. If you have a story you'd like News 5 to cover, be sure to post your ideas on our WKRG Facebook Page.