Friday, November 30, 2012

Lucky, white dog

Family is reunited with missing dog after seeing him on TV
Life With Dogs
November 30, 2012

When Gregg Mohler turned on the television on Monday morning he couldn’t believe what he saw. His missing dog was being featured as the Pet of the Week by the Iowa County Humane Society. It had been four years since Lucky had gone missing from his home in Lone Rock, Wisconsin.

Four years ago, when Lucky was 10-years-old, he ran away from the Mohler family’s home. The family searched animal shelters and placed ads in newspapers looking for their beloved dog, but never found him. On Monday morning Greg Mohler was watching NBC 15’s morning show and noticed a very familiar dog being featured as the Pet of the Week. ”All the sudden it stopped me in my tracks,” said Mohler, who quickly called the Iowa County Humane Society. “The first call was from a gentleman saying ‘You have my dog! I saw him on TV!’” said Cheri Phillmore of the Iowa County Humane Society.

 Lucky had been at the Iowa County Humane Society since August. At 14-years-old it was very unlikely that he would get adopted. This is why the Iowa County Humane Society chose to feature him as the Pet of the Week. Thanks to that decision Lucky is now at home with his family.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Patucha, maltese

Dog Missing 3 Years to be Reunited With Owners
By: Melissa Toupin
Posted: Nov 22, 2012

When Patucha the Maltese wandered away from her Pawtucket home three yards ago they were devastated.

"My niece was crying," said Fernando Silva. The dog had been a present given to his 11-year-old niece Eduarda.

The family had given up hope of finding Patucha when they picked up and moved to Brazil this past spring.

"We didn't think we would find her again," said Silva.

But Saturday they got a phone call that changed everything. Patucha had been found and was at the North Providence Animal Shelter. They were able to track down her owners thanks to a microchip that had been embedded in her skin as puppy.

When Patucha was taken to Ferguson Animal Hospital the veterinarian scanned her for the chip and got a hit. Animal Control Officer Ernest Calandra was able to track down the dogs owners address registered to the chip.

"You can take collars off the dogs, you can remove tags, but the chip once it's in there it's in for life," said Calandra.

Patucha's family had moved from the address, but Silva, the little girls uncle, still lived there. He was able to connect officers with Patucha's family now living over seas.

"It's a great feeling because we get a lot of strays in here and to actually have this happen, especially over the amount of time she was missing, and it's around the holidays, so it's a really good story," said Calandra.

Silva and his two children took Petucha home with them. They are now working to get her the paperwork she needs to get her on a plane to Brazil so she can be reunited with a now 14-year-old Eduarda.

"Everybody's excited to get her before Christmas," said Silva.

Micro chipping is not mandatory in the state of Rhode Island, however animal control officers we spoke to strongly encourage doing so.


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bo, puppy

Boy reunited with puppy after massive I-10 pileup

by Drew Karedes
November 24, 2012

HOUSTON -- A little boy and his mother have a lot to be thankful for after surviving the Thanksgiving day pile up on Interstate-10 near Beaumont.

The two, from Dickinson, TX, spun off the highway and were hit by a number of cars in the process.

Navy Lopez and 6-year-old Damian Ortiz were able to crawl out of the wreckage unharmed. While they were doing so, their 3-month-old puppy, named Bo, scurried off into the distance.

Lopez said she thought she would never see Bo again. She said her son was devastated when they lost Bo. To her surprise, a stranger brought them back together.

A watchful tow truck driver scooped up the puppy as he was cleaning the mangled cars off the highway.

“He shows up out of nowhere, first time I'd seen him all day. At first, I thought he was just wandering around. Then, I got to thinking. He was way too friendly,” recalled Blake Jones.

Jones said he took an instant liking to the puppy. At the same time, he had a feeling that the dog belonged to somebody.

He took photos, and his girlfriend posted them online. A rightful owner quickly came forward, saying the puppy belonged to her 6-year-old son.

"This is a great Thanksgiving blessing for him to be able to get his dog back after such a tragic and scary day,” said Jesi Courville, Jones’ girlfriend.

They all agreed to meet at the Texas-Louisiana state line on Friday. It didn’t take much waiting for a happy reunion to unfold.

“I looked everywhere for him and couldn’t find him,” said Lopez, the puppy’s owner.

The family is now intact and back in Texas after surviving the scare of their lives.

The tow truck driver said it felt great to reunite the family. He hopes they can all meet up again someday so he can see Bo when he is full grown.


Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Lab in Edmonton

Man successfully reunited with his lost dog after he rents billboard
Posted by Ellen
November 22, 2012

A man who lost his dog while staying in Edmonton has successfully been reunited with his dog after he rented a large billboard to post up his lost dog's information. The black Labrador Retriever went missing in October when the man and the dog were staying in Edmonton, Alberta at the pet-friendly Quality Inn.

As soon as his dog went missing the man rented the portable sign and got permission from the hotel to place the sign up on their property. The hotel staff helped in the search for the dog. "This is a person who really values his dog and I can appreciate that,” said Lillian Pushor, general manager of Quality Inn. "They become a part of your we were just happy to help."

The sign certainly helped. It's now plastered with "FOUND! Thank you Jennifer, Alex & Morgan!" after the man's dog was successfully returned.

The company that rents out the signs says it's the first time they've ever rented one for a lost pet. The billboard would have cost the man between $150 to $200 to rent for a few weeks. He also offered a $200 reward for whoever found his dog.

Pushor says she's glad the pair reunited. "It’s gotten cold and we don't want to see an animal die because they can't find their owner. It's a very happy ending. We're really happy about this,” she said.


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Max, beagle

Family, Dog Reunited After Dog Lost For Seven Years
November 16, 2012

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – It was a happy reunion for a family and their dog they lost seven years ago.

Pedro Feliciano said their beagle Max took off in the rain when the dog was just one year old.  He says the family searched the entire neighborhood, but never found him.  So he was very surprised when Miami-Dade Animal Services called and said they had Max.

It was a microchip that had been implanted in Max that allowed them to be reunited again.  Apparently another family had been taking care of Max but recently turned him into the shelter.

Pedro said that Max recognized him right away.  And they can’t wait to spend time with him.

Animal Services says it’s important that pet owners keep their address and phone number updated, so in case your dog with a microchip is found, you can be easily tracked down.  They also recommend owners use a collar and tag in addition to the microchip.


Friday, November 2, 2012

Tinkerbell, dachshund

Lost dog reunited with family at adoption event
Posted: 11/02/12

A Virginia family is whole again after an unusual case of lost and found.

Tinkerbell, an 11-year-old Dachshund mix disappeared six months ago.

Owner Jerry Gusler was crushed.

"This dog has been with me a long time, got two kids but she's one of them. She's the third one," he says.

"It was like losing a family member. It was really sad," says Kelli Gusler, Jerry's daughter.

The Guslers had almost given up hope on finding Tinkerbell when Kelli decided to take a trip to the Tractor Supply store, where the Franklin County Humane Society just happened to be holding an adoption event.

When Kelli arrived a friendly face came running through the crowd.

"I could tell she recognized me and that was it I just started crying and lost it. I think everyone there thought I was crazy because I was saying 'That's my dads dog!', I know that dog," Kelli says.

Now Tinkerbell spends most of her days at the Gusler's auto shop, but her travels took her all the way to Pulaski county.

That's 70 miles away from her home in Boones Mill.

The Guslers have no idea how Tinkerbell got that far away, are glad she's home.

"I was choked up. I just couldn't believe it. It has to be one in a million to find the lady that found her was in another county. So I mean for her to bring her was amazing," Jerry says.

The Guslers say Tinkerbell hasn't missed a beat since she's been back.

"I'm amazed, but I just think God put her back in out hands," Kelli says.