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Dog reunited with family thanks to help from strangers
Reported by: Marisa Yamane
Story Published: 12/28/2012

An Ewa Beach family who lost their dog in October is overwhelmed by the support they received after pleading for help.

The family also says they learned some valuable lessons from this.

Most dog owners feel their dogs are part of their family.

That's certainly how the Wards of Ewa Beach feel about their dogs -- Koda on the left, and Kai on the right.

But two months ago, Koda ran away from home.

"We never stopped looking. We posted ads on Craigslist at least three times a week," said Ashley Ward, Koda's owner.

Then last month, Ashley got a call from a woman in Kaneohe.

"Basically she called me and said hey look I have your dog, I want you to know he's alive, but he's mine and you're never going to see him again. We were so heartbroken because we finally found him, we just cried for days," said Ashley Ward.

Turns out, Koda ended up at the Hawaiian Humane Society.

Ashley says Koda has a microchip but the owner on file is the person they got Koda from, and that person didn't know how to get in touch with the Wards and surrendered ownership.

"Legally when she adopted him and passed that 30 day mark, he was hers," said Ashley Ward.

Then this past Saturday, Ashley got a call from the woman.

"I just answered my phone, thought it was a family member calling, and she said I've decided to give him back if you can pay me $700 for what i've spent on him. In October, Humane Society had adoptions for $10. She said she spent all this on vet records," said Ashley Ward.

Ashley made another plea for help online, and within a day, the Wards had raised the $700 needed to get Koda back -- and most of the donors were complete strangers.

And now, Koda is back home with the Wards.

"And we woke up the night we got him home, we woke up at 2 in the morning because we heard something downstairs, and my 5 year old was asleep on him. And we woke her up and asked what she was doing and she said she had to make sure he was still there. She said it was her christmas miracle and we couldn't have asked for a better gift," said Ashley Ward.

Ashley says she did learn from this experience about the importance of having your dog microchipped, and having the records updated.

Also, she learned that City law requires all dogs have and wear a county-issued license tag, which identifies you as the legal owner.

"As soon as we got Koda back, we got that done. Overall, it's a happy ending. The kids couldn't be happier, we couldn't be happier," said Ashley Ward.

And, Kai also couldn't be happier.

"Kai is overwhelmed to have his best friend back," said Ashley Ward.


Friday, December 28, 2012

Abby, blind dog

Blind dog lost in storm reunited with owners
Source: AP
27 Dec 2012

A blind dog that became lost in a snowstorm in Alaska has found its way home in what its owners are calling a Christmas miracle.

Abby, an eight-year-old mixed breed dog, went missing on Dec 13 in bad weather in the town of Fairbanks.

While her owners assumed they would never see the dog again, it survived temperatures of -40C and travelled 10 miles before being taken in by a local vet.

"It's a miracle, there's no other words to describe it," said McKenzie Grapengeter, Abby's owner. "We never expected to have her to be returned safe and alive."

Musher and vet Mark May said he came across the dog while running his team on Dec 19, but didn't stop to pick it up.

"It ran with us for about a mile on the way home before she fell off the pace, but I had a big dog team so I couldn't grab it," he said. "I said, 'boy I hope it finds somebody's house.'"

The next day, the dog turned up at Mr May's house.

"Everybody just assumed it was some kind of scaredy-cat, but there it was in front of the door in our dog lot and it was blind," Mr May said. "It was sitting there, all the way from 14 mile on the winter trail down into this neighborhood, I guess by just sniffing, so I picked it up and brought it in."

To Mr May's surprise, the dog had no signs of frostbite.

"No frozen ears, no frozen toes, she'll probably go back home and it'll (be) business as usual. She's no worse for wear but quite an adventure," he said.

The Grapengeter family hadn't tagged or put a microchip in the dog, but the community used social media to track down Abby's owners.

"We're so, so grateful for all (the community's) hard work," McKenzie Grapengeter said. "They've given us the most amazing Christmas gift we could ever ask for."


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ralph, shepherd lab mix

Maryland Couple Reunited With Dog Adopted From Egypt
By Benjamin R Freed
December 26, 2012

A Germantown, Md. couple got a very nice Christmas Day surprise when workers at Dulles International Airport recovered a dog the couple had brought over from Egypt but ran off as soon as he arrived two weeks ago.

The dog, a German shepherd-Labrador mix named Ralph, was brought over from the streets of Egypt (eat your heart out, Tom Friedman) on December 12. But while his new owner, David Scott was loading Ralph into the car for the ride to his new home, the dog got loose and bolted across the Dulles parking lots.

Scott told NBC4 that his wife first encountered Ralph while visiting friends in Egypt who had been caring for the pooch, but because that family could not care for the Ralph, the Scotts went about trying to adopt him. It took six months of paperwork and waiting for a chaperone before Ralph could be flown to the United States.

But the dog survived his two weeks in the Northern Virginia wilderness, and was found yesterday morning back at the airport thanks to a trap set by Dulles employees. "REUNITED! DULLES RESCUE DOG FOUND TODAY!" blared a posting on a Facebook page that tracks lost dogs in the D.C. area.

The Scotts were reunited with Ralph some time yesterday, according to the posting. The trap used to capture the wayward dog was described as "humane."

UPDATE, 1 p.m.: Kimberly Gibbs, a spokeswoman for the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, says it was airport police who found Ralph on Christmas morning.

Officers conducted a brief search the day the dog went missing, but there was no ongoing coordinated effort to find Ralph . The dog was found without any identifying tags, but was reconnected with its owners after matching a description.

But just how did Ralph survive on Dulles' 12,000-acre campus? Scott obtained a trap from a local humane society, left it in the parking lot and routinely filled it with food, as he would check back occasionally and find that Ralph—or possibly some other animal—had eaten it without being captured. On Tuesday morning, though, Dulles police officers positioned a dish of dog food in a position that could trigger the trap, and Ralph was caught in about an hour, Gibbs says.

"Very smart dog," she adds


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Marley, Cavalier King Charles

Stolen Dog Returned to Heartbroken Girl on Christmas
By Russell Goldman
Dec 26, 2012

A heartbroken 7-year-old girl's Christmas wish came true when New York City cops nabbed the Grinch that stole her dog and a good Samaritan helped reunite her with the missing pooch.

On Christmas Day, a beaming Mia Bendray, 7, wrapped her arms around Marley, the Cavalier King Charles spaniel, who had been brazenly unleashed and taken from outside a shop in Manhattan's Washington Heights neighborhood on Christmas Eve. The theft was caught on tape and police provided the video to news outlets.

"Thank you, the people of Washington Heights… Those great Samaritans… And now we got him on Christmas Day," Mia's mother Angie Estrada told WABC-TV.

The dog was rescued by Tina Cohen, a high school Spanish teacher, who came across a man on Monday in another section of Manhattan standing on a street corner and yelling that he had a dog for sale.

"I said that's not right. I said I'd like to buy the dog. I only have $100," Cohen said.

When the man demanded more cash, Cohen said she went to a nearby Staples and bought merchandise she then returned for cash. She bought Marley for $200 and quickly took the dog to the veterinarian that treats her own dogs.

In the meantime, other bystanders called the cops, who soon collared the alleged dognapper Brad Bacon, 29. Bacon appears to have been caught on video taking the dog on Monday.

He has not yet been arraigned. Authorities did not know if he had obtained a lawyer.

Cohen's vet was able to track down Marley's owner from a microchip implanted in the dog's skin and with help from an animal rescue group that had learned about the stolen pup.

On Tuesday when Cohen watched Marley jump into Mia's arms, she said: "You guys belong together. I'm so happy you are together."

"That was the worst thing, there was a Grinch that was live and about in New York," the girls' mom said. "The Grinch didn't win today."



Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Brooklyn, pomeranian

Pomeranian stolen in Detroit on Christmas Eve has been found; Dog reunited with owners Christmas Day
Posted: 12/25/2012

DETROIT (WXYZ) - A brother and sister are overjoyed after being reunited with their 2-year-old Pomeranian after the dog was stolen from their car on Christmas Eve .

"It's a Christmas blessing," said Floyd Mitchell after he and his sister met up with their precious pet.

"We are overjoyed. Excited," he said. "Couldn't be happier."

On Monday night, "Brooklyn" the Pomeranian's photo appeared on 7 Action News at 11 p.m. after the dog was taken from a CVS Pharmacy parking lot on Jefferson Avenue in Detroit.

Floyd went in to the Pharmacy to pick up his father's medication.

Tuesday - on Christmas Day - a woman called 7 Action News and said she bought a dog that looked like the one on TV. She said she purchased the Pomeranian outside a gas station late Monday night for $700.

The caller also said the dog responded to the name she heard on TV: "Brooklyn." She felt she may have purchased the stolen dog.

The 7 Action News team brought them together and - sure enough - it turned out to be Brooklyn!

The dog ran to her owners and they were brought to tears with happiness as they held and cuddled her.

The dog's owners paid the promised reward of $2,000 and everyone agreed:  Brooklyn's return was a Christmas miracle.


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Princess in Paramus

Paramus family finds dog after three-month search
By Bryan Wassel, Managing Editor, Town News
Thursday December 20, 2012

A local dog was reunited with her family after going missing for almost three months, weathering the cold and Hurricane Sandy before being found by her owners at Van Saun Park.

Anthony and Francine Smith's dog, Princess, was playing on their front porch with her brother Oreo on Sept. 8 when Francine went inside to get the dogs some water. While she was inside a neighbor rang their doorbell to make sure the dogs belonged to the family and were not strays.

Despite the woman's good intentions, her presence spooked Princess, who was mistreated as a puppy and has become afraid of people, according to the Smiths. While Oreo ran back inside the house, Princess ran away and could not be found after hours of searching.

The family put out hundreds of fliers and mailed postcards with Princess's picture, and received regular updates on her current whereabouts from other Paramus residents, Anthony said. Others who had seen the dog called the Smiths to tell them the locations. They received reports of Princess crossing Forest Avenue, Farview Avenue and Spring Valley Road and other roads.

Anthony said he was grateful for the calls and the assistance the community gave in helping his family find their missing dog.

"We were constantly getting calls," he said. "Every time we got close, we just kept missing her."

Princess was almost brought home at the six-week mark, when she was spotted 10 houses away. The Smiths and their children went out to find her by calling her name, but later learned that the obvious approach is not as effective as it may seem.

"The worst thing you can do is call their name and run at them," Anthony said. "What happens is everybody is calling their name, and other people are chasing her, so she ended up running the other way."

Employees at Van Saun Park found Princess was staying near their maintenance facilities, and determined that was where she was spending most of her time, according to the Smiths. Like others in the borough, the employees contacted the family after seeing a stray dog that matched pictures posted around Paramus.

"Those posters paid off, because the workers at Van Saun Park were seeing her every day, running with the coyotes," Anthony said.

While the Smiths offered to spend the night in the park in hopes of finding Princess themselves, county officials rejected the idea for safety reasons. Instead, Bergen County Animal Control placed traps with food around the park, hoping that she could be captured while looking for a meal.

"It was the day before Thanksgiving when they put the traps out," Anthony said. "It was 11 days later when she went into one of the traps."

On Dec. 2, he went out to the traps with Princess's food, hoping to lure her with a familiar meal. On her arrival, Anthony found her in a trap and took her to a veterinarian's office, where she spent the night. Since then, she has been nursing back to health, regaining the 20 pounds she lost and being treated for the injuries she received during her ordeal.

"When I showed up on the scene, I was afraid how she was going to react," Anthony said. "I had her bag of food, and I was able to feed her bowl of food through the cage. She took it as gentle as the day she left."

Upon returning from her time in the wild, Princess was immediately happy to be home, according to the Smiths. Her first night home she returned to her spot on a couch, and she has been calmly recovering since.


Friday, December 21, 2012

Teasel, border terrier patterdale

Family reunited with stolen dog after 3 months
Published on Thursday 20 December 2012 14:57

A FAMILY who feared they may never see their missing dog again have spoken of their joy after she was found at a chip shop nearly 30 miles away.

Three-year-old Teasel, a border terrier cross patterdale, went missing from the Freeman family’s back garden in Padgham Lane, Dallington, on August 26.

Convinced little Teasel had been stolen, her distraught owners scoured Sussex and Kent, following up reported sightings in Robertsbridge, Brightling, Staplehurst and Cranbrook.

Although these leads drew a blank, the family refused to give up hope and last Thursday (December 6) they got the call they had been waiting for.

Teasel had been found wandering outside a chip shop in Burgess Hill, miles away from where she was last seen.

Martyn Jupp, of Jupps Fish and Chips, took the dog in and gave her sausages before handing her over to Cootes Vets.

Luckily Teasel was microchipped and quickly reunited with her delighted owners.

Ginny Freeman said: “It was amazing. When the girl rang up I could not believe it actually. We were so lucky.”

Teasel was dirty and riddled with fleas when found, but after a good bath there is no shortage of visitors waiting to see the young pup.

Ginny said: “She’s had a stream of visitors - she’s like a celebrity now!

“She’s very happy to be home.”

The family do not believe that Teasel ran away.

Ginny said: “We believe she was stolen. She did not get to Burgess Hill on her own.”

She added: “I never gave up hope because one thing Teasel is quite good at is escaping.

“My one hope was that she would escape and someone like the man from the chip shop would find her.”

Ginny said she never gave up hope that Teasel would be found.

She said: “It’s important not to give up hope.

“I would not have got her back if she was not microchipped. Microchipping is so important. It’s not expensive.”

The Freemans thanked everyone who helped in the search for Teasel, including, a website set up with the aim of helping trace lost and stolen dogs.


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Aylah, shih tzu

Found! Dog lost in crash going home
Dec 18, 2012

DES MOINES, Iowa — An Iowa family is getting their Christmas wish: their missing dog is home.

Shannon Graves' dog, Aylah, was lost during a crash on the east mixmaster in Des Moines on Dec. 12.  After the crash the dog ran from the scene.

The family has been searching for the Shih Tzu puppy ever since.

Polk County Sheriff's Office reports that the puppy was found Tuesday morning by Deputy Dan Wignall in a park in Berwick, a couple of miles from where the crash happened.

"The dog appeared to be digging through the trash in a park in Berwick and wouldn't let me get closer than about fifty yards, so it was obvious that the dog was hungry and scared," said Wignall.

Polk County Animal Control contacted the family and Graves drove to Berwick.  She was able to get close to the dog.

The dog was a birthday gift for Graves 10-year old twins in June.  The family told KCCI last week that Christmas just wouldn't be the same without Aylah.

Aylah is being taken to a veterinarian to be checked out.


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ted, cavalier King Charlese

50,000 join Twitter hunt to find widow's missing dog Ted
Mark Blunden
18 December 2012

A missing dog was reunited with its owner after more than 50,000 people joined an online hunt for him.

Ted, a King Charles Spaniel, was snatched by a man from outside a north London Tesco Express.

His owner, Philomena Hynes, left him attached to the railings by his leash for five minutes to buy groceries.

Mrs Hynes, 75, a widow, said: “I was absolutely distraught when he was taken.

“I couldn’t believe in my wildest that anybody could take a little Ted.

“Those days were atrocious - I couldn’t sleep or eat, I was tearful all day.

“I was weeping the street.”

Detectives from Barnet police investigated the disappearance.

The Hynes family pinned posters to lamp posts around North Finchley, but when that failed to turn up any leads they turned to social media.

Mrs Hynes, a retired Islington education worker, said: “My grandchildren put it in (CORR) Twitter - it enabled quite a few people to go out there and look for him.”

The appeal was retweeted more than 50,000 times and then four days after he was snatched, the family received a phone call from a woman saying the dog was ready to be handed over.

She arranged a rendezvous with Mrs Hynes’ son-in-law at a local park to carry out the exchange - close to where he was snatched - and then ran off.

Mrs Hynes said: “I’m absolutely elated that I got my dog back.

“Ted is absolutely fine after his ordeal and he’s been a VIP since coming home - he’s the lord of the manor dining on chicken and turkey.”

Detectives still want to speak to the man and woman involved.


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Any dog, anywhere!

Lessons from a Lost Dog Reunion
December 16, 2012

Years ago when I was living in Berkeley, I found a dog at the park a couple blocks from my house.

I brought it home, and put it in the backyard with my dog. I put up flyers all around the park and the surrounding couple blocks. I called the pound and other places I could think of (this was before the internet).

The dog was very sweet, but skinny and had no tags and I assumed it was a long term stray, or abandoned.

Three days later I got the strangest phone call. The girl on the phone asked if I still had the dog.

When I said yes, she said she had taken long walk that day. At the end of her walk she saw my found dog flyer. She said the description of the dog sounded a lot like the dog described on a lost dog flyer that she saw at the beginning of her walk.

She said she didn't remember where she saw the flyer but she told me her route, street by street.

I got in my car, drove to where she started her walk, and walked the route until I found the lost dog flyer.

I called the number, and a very happy and crying older man came and collected his very happy dog. He had the dog's collar which had tags but which the dog didn't wear in the house ( I don't understand why people take their dogs' collars off in the house).

I learned a number of things from this.
  1. Put up flyers in a much larger area than you think (the dog had gotten lost over 2 miles from where I found him.
  2. Don't make assumptions about a dog's status from tags or skinny-ness (it was a picky eater).
  3. Don't be afraid to make a phone call (thank goodness for that girl who called me!)
  4. Don't take off your dog's collar in the house, they might get out of the house.
  5. Don't give up.
My son and I always read the lost and found flyers and are awaiting the time when we can find two that match.

Thanks, Bonnie, for submitting a wonderful story to Lost Dogs Found!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Lizzy, rat terrier

Family reunited with lost blind dog
By Matt Fritz
Published: Monday, December 17, 2012

Cory Hannan gives Lizzy her favorite belly rub after he was reunited with the dog on Saturday.

MICHIGAN CITY — On Friday night one La Porte family got a very special message from Santa Claus.

It was a letter regarding their little lost dog Lizzy, a blind rat terrier missing since mid-November.

“I was checking my naughty and nice list in your neighborhood,” Santa said in the note, “and I saw a little dog who was lost. It was very cold so I took her with me in my sleigh to keep her warm.

“Because I’m so busy I brought the dog to the Michiana Humane Society,” he continued, “maybe you can go check and see if it is Lizzy.”

And that Saturday morning, Dayna Young took her children, Emma and Tyler, and her fiance, Cory Hannan to the animal shelter in Michigan City, and there they were reunited with their long lost pet, who scampered and begged and jumped in their arms for kisses.

A dog still alive thanks to the efforts of a surgeon who donated his time to operate on her, a bus driver who found her and brought her to the shelter and the Humane Society staff who refused to give up on her.

The story of Lizzy’s ordeal began shortly before Thanksgiving when, taken out for a walk by Emma one night, she bolted. Dayna ran up and down the streets calling for her to no avail.

And Dayna held out little hope the lost dog would find her way back since she was blind.

Dayna had brought Lizzy to her household in early September when the dog’s previous owner sold her. Dayna said she and Emma fell in love with her at first sight. Lizzy seemed completely normal at her first home, excitedly chasing after balls and running all over the place. The only thing odd was a haziness over one eye, which her owner assured Dayna was no big deal and common to Lizzy’s breed.

But Dayna realized something was seriously wrong when Lizzy was brought to her new home and kept running into furniture and walls. Then it came to her: Lizzy was blind.

Two weeks later Lizzy’s other eye started clouding over.

“I didn’t mind (about the blindness),” Dayna said in aletter. “We loved her so much and she was part of our family,”

Then Lizzy went missing and the family was grief stricken.

It was a bus driver who ended up finding Lizzy. The dog was alone, without a collar, wandering the streets. The bus driver brought her to the Michiana Humane Society on Nov. 27 where the staff immediately noticed one of her eyes was bulging from its socket and obviously infected.

Two veterinarians said the eyes would have to be removed, at a cost of roughly $1,000. They said the dog was also in pain because of the infection. Shelter co-manager Karen Edwards said the society had to make a decision: Could it justify spending that much money on a dog who most likely could not be adopted? The answer was no, originally.

“And we took her into the back room,” she said, “but she started giving us kisses and we just couldn’t.”

So they started posting on Facebook, asking for donations to cover the costs. Then an anonymous surgeon volunteered to do the work himself at no charge.

He removed Lizzy’s eyes and sewed the sockets shut to prevent any further infections.

Then the Humane Society staff started advertising Lizzy’s availability for adoption. That’s when La Porte County Convention & Visitors Bureau Community Relations Manager Jane Daley wrote an article about her, which was printed last week in The Herald-Argus.

“From the moment she came in here, her personality was so warm and loving,” said communications Coordinator Simpson O’Brien, “we just had to help her.”

Eventually Dayna got a call from her mother, who saw the newspaper article, and Dayna went Friday morning to ascertain whether the dog was indeed Lizzy.

“And she came out of the door and I couldn’t believe my eyes,” Dayna said. “I wanted to just come in and pet her.”

When she did, the staff there developed the Santa letter and sent it off to the Young family, where it was presented to the children. They picked Lizzy up Saturday morning where doggy treats, hugs and kisses, and plenty of attention were given freely to the pet.

Staff members noted that hazy eyes are not necessarily an indicator of infection. They said the dog could easily have gotten her eye infected by bumping into objects when she was lost.


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Bandit, shih tzu

After five years, a miraculous reunion between dog and stunned owner
Matt Gilbertson, The Advertiser 
December 14, 2012 

On Friday night, a reunion, five years in the making, took place in Indianapolis, Ind. between a small dog named "Bandit," and a man named Mike.

Bandit arrived to reTails Indy, a rescue organization, from an animal control facility.

Watch the video here

Though the Shih Tzu, dubbed Harpo by the shelter, had likely already been scanned for a microchip, reTails scanned him again - just in case something had been missed.

Much to their surprise, not only did the little dog have a chip, but it still contained current information.

Amazingly, not only was the associated phone number still valid, but a man answered the phone on the first try.

When that man was asked if he was missing a dog, he replied, somewhat stunned, that yes, indeed he was.

The rescue shared his response:

“He stifled a small gasp and I could hear the quiver in his voice, and he said he was missing a dog, who he identified, and had been missing the dog for FIVE YEARS!

In fact, it has been so long that the man on the other end of the line wondered if he was being pranked. 

Alas no, instead he was in the midst of a holiday miracle. 

The smooth sailing for this long-time coming reunion continued.

Mike was just ten minutes away from the rescue organization's adoption center and sure enough, he arrived within moments to reclaim his long-lost friend.

Click here to watch a video of their special reunion.

Five years ago, Bandit had been snatched by a man in a vehicle. Though someone saw the man's license plate number, Mike was never successful in making contact with him.

Dozens of lost dog fliers had only led to dead ends...

Most recently, Bandit wound up in the shelter system after being picked up as a stray on Nov. 30.

By coincidence, or divine intervention, he made his way to the rescue organization who helped to facilitate his long overdue homecoming.


Friday, December 14, 2012

Lulu, pomeranian

Dave Gleeson's Family Dog Found After 9 Years On The Run
An early Christmas present for the Gleeson family after being reunited with their lost dog.
Posted: 14 December, 2012

Triple M's Dave Gleeson and his family have received an amazing early Christmas gift when they were reunited with their lost dog, which had been missing for nearly a decade.

When the Gleesons lived in Sydney, the door was left open during a late-night party at their house, in 2003, and Lulu slipped out unnoticed, and was presumed to be gone forever.

But this week Katie Gleeson received a message on her mobile phone for her to call back. The person who left the message used her maiden name, which she thought was odd.

"I was rather confused as we live on a property in the Adelaide Hills," Katie Gleeson said.

"I asked the woman where the dog was and she said 'at the vets'.  I asked which vets and she said 'Campsie'. I had never heard of a Campsie in Adelaide."

Katie then realised Campsie was in Sydney and it turns out a registration microchip she had implanted in Lulu all those years ago had finally paid off. Lulu, who is now almost 11, had been missing for nine years.

AFTER nine years apart, there was only one question on Katie Gleeson's mind - would her long-lost pooch Lulu still recognise her when they were reunited at Adelaide Airport?

"It's difficult to tell if she remembers me, but she's very calm and chilled out and she seems to be responding to her name," an excited Ms Gleeson said while hugging Lulu after she touched down at 1.30pm yesterday.
"It's definitely my dog."

With the help of microchip technology, she was identified as the Gleesons' pet when she was handed in to the Campsie Vet Clinic in Sydney this week.

After Lulu's disappearance, Ms Gleeson, a PR director, relocated to the Adelaide Hills, started a family and bought a  new pomeranian.

For her husband, Screaming Jets frontman Dave Gleeson, the reunion is the end to a long saga.

Katie Gleeson with Lulu in Sydney 2002.

"Katie missed my best mate's wedding because she was so distraught when the dog went missing and for the next six weeks we went all over the countryside looking for her, so this is a pretty unbelievable journey," said Mr Gleeson,a musician.


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Jasmin, German short haired pointer

Missing dog reunited with owner thanks to readers
By Shannon Fiecke, Shakopee Valley News
Posted: Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A missing Prior Lake dog was reunited with its owner today after being gone for five days, thanks to Shakopee Valley News Facebook followers.

Yesterday, LaToshia Read shared a photo on the Valley News' Facebook page of a German Shorthaired Pointer found on Highway 13 north of New Prague headed toward Shakopee. The well-mannered dog had no collar, but was wearing a purple bandana.

Angela Trutnau recognized the female pointer as Jasmin, a missing dog she had received an email about.

"Its her!!!! We have been worried sick," wrote Jassie's owner Krista Schultz upon seeing the Facebook post this morning. The two were reunited later this morning.

Jasmin disappeared from her Prior Lake home Friday afternoon.

"We looked most of the weekend without a sign of her," Schultz wrote on  Facebook when her dog went missing. She posted a photo of "Jassie" and asked friends to tag friends in the Prior Lake and Shakopee area.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Marshall, shetland sheepdog

Lost dog reunited with owner in a 'Christmas miracle'
By COURTNEY POTTS, Observer-Dispatch
Posted Dec 12, 2012

NEW HARTFORD — Christine Johnson never gave up hope.

A little more than a year ago, she let her Shetland sheepdog Marshall out into her yard in Utica one day and came back to find him missing.

"It was, I'm going to say, maybe 5 minutes max ... he just vanished," she said.

For months, Johnson and her family searched for Marshall without success, even sending his photo to local animal shelters and police departments. She eventually bought another dog, but she kept Marshall's photo on display in her home.

Then, while out of town on a business trip Tuesday, she got a call from the New Hartford Animal Hospital -- Marshall had been found.

Dog and owner were reunited at the Animal Hospital on Wednesday morning amid tears, kisses and one eagerly wagging tail.

Johnson said she always felt as if Marshall was coming home, but was still "speechless" to actually see him.

"This is the type of joy you could never replace with a gift, money, anything," Johnson said.

It was a moving moment for staff members at the New Hartford Animal Hospital too, some of whom had been seeing the 6-year-old Sheltie since he was 6 weeks old.

"It's our Christmas miracle," said Sandi Gentile, the office's supervisor for client service representatives.

Witnessing the reunion was also moving for Jennifer Major-Denicola, the Utica resident who found Marshall while driving home from Christmas shopping with her mother. While many other cars swerved or slowed down to avoid hitting the dog walking in the road that day, Major-Denicola made her mom stop the car.

"I got out of the car and the cars coming behind stopped ... and I'm out in the middle of Oriskany Boulevard and was just like, 'Come here, baby,'" she said.

Marshall's fur was matted, he was dirty and he had a sore under his eye, but he seemed happy to see someone, she said. And he still had his collar with a rabies tag on it from the Animal Hospital.

Staff members at the vet's office said the dog's condition suggests he wasn't fending for himself for the entire year he was gone. It's possible, as Johnson suspects, that someone took him, and then either let him go or lost him themselves more recently.

Major-Denicola said she would have kept Marshall too if she couldn't find the owner, but since she could, she was happy to be able to return him. And Johnson was grateful to have her "momma's boy" back in her arms.

"I love her," she said of Major-Denicola. "I thank her for not taking him and keeping him away from me the way somebody else did."

So what's next for Marshall after his big adventure? Johnson said her kids and grandkids are anxious to see him again. And there may be a few special Christmas treats coming his way, too.


Monday, December 10, 2012

Tuesday, Siberian husky

Stolen Siberian Husky reunited with owner
by KGW staff
Posted on December 9, 2012 at 9:16 AM

PORTLAND -- "Tuesday" the Siberian Husky that was stolen outside a bar in North Portland was found Saturday and returned to her owner.

Joel Sprenger had been searching non-stop since his treasured dog was stolen Friday afternoon outside a Kenton neighborhood bar and restaurant.

Siberian Husky stolen outside bar in North Portland
PORTLAND --  Joel Sprenger has been searching non-stop since his treasured dog named Tuesday was stolen Friday afternoon. Security cameras outside a Kenton neighborhood bar and restaurant, which requested to stay anonymous, caught the crime on camera. "You're watching video of someone stealing your loved one and it's brutal," said a very upset Sprenger. The video shows the beautiful Siberian Husky tied to a picnic table in an outdoor eating area in back of the restaurant.   A man pushing a shopping cart unclips her leash, feeds her something that looks like leftover Chinese food, then walks her around to the entrance.  After making sure the coast is clear, he takes off with Tuesday.  A second video camera shows them both quickly walking down the street.  Sprenger says he only left his dog alone for a few minutes while he went inside to order a sandwich. "Someone stole my my dog and someone that's probably mentally unstable and how is this person going to take care of her?," said Sprenger.  Tuesday has a pet watch microchip, so if she's scanned, it will show she's stolen.  She also had tags on her collar with Sprenger's name and phone number on them. "If someone saw this character walking with her, she would stick out because she is so beautiful," said Sprenger.

Security cameras captured the crime on camera, and due to extensive media coverage in the case, a person recognized the dog and returned it to Sprenger.

Police received a call from Vancouver late Friday from a person who had "Tuesday." The caller said a family member brought the dog over and left it. After watching the news, the person realized the dog was stolen and called police.


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ohly, Bernese mountain dog

Runaway Bernese mountain dog reunited with family after two weeks lost on Mount Seymour
By Stephanie Ip, The Province
December 8, 2012

A Bernese Mountain Dog who went missing two weeks ago on Mount Seymour survived with only dehydration and a small fever, and has been reunited with his family.

Ohly, a two-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog, receives fluids on Saturday evening after being deemed dehydrated by a veterinarian. The dog will also receive some antibiotics for a small fever. The dog went missing two weeks ago but was rescued safely today from Mount Seymour, thanks to North Shore Search and Rescue.

“Thank you to all the volunteers, Facebook supporters, and North Shore Search & Rescue for bringing Ohly home,” posted the Goad family on a Facebook page created to raise awareness over Ohly’s initial disappearance. “Best Christmas present ever.”

The two-year-old dog, named Ohly, was spooked and ran off Nov. 25 while out for a walk with a family friend on Mount Seymour in North Vancouver. The North Shore Search and Rescue then stepped in after they became concerned members of the public were putting themselves in danger by coordinating their own searches in the difficult terrain.

NSSAR was able to track Ohly on Thursday to a steep ravine, however, the dog kept running away. Online donations were then sought to help pay for $5,000 of helicopter flight time so rescuers could safely access the ravine and recover the dog on Saturday.

Steve Goad was with the rescue team when Ohly was finally retrieved Saturday afternoon.

“My wife was crying. My daughters had been out there all day and freezing cold,” Goad told The Province of the welcoming committee that awaited Ohly. “It will make [Christmas] pretty special.”

The Burnaby family later updated their FIND OHLY Facebook page with photos of the dog at a veterinarian’s office. Goad said Ohly was taken to the vet immediately after being rescued and had been receiving IV fluids all evening. The dog, which has been with the Goads since he was 16 weeks old, will also receive antibiotics for a small fever and was expected to be home by Saturday’s end.


Friday, December 7, 2012

Tanzie, goldendoodle

Whitby family reunites with lost dog
Tanzie had been living in Camp Samac for four months
Kristen Calis
Dec 06, 2012

I'm a big fan of happy endings, so I thought I'd share this local story that ended happily last week.

Whitby resident Catherine Kennedy was happy to share this heart-warming tale with me.

It all started when the Kennedys adopted a goldendoodle, Tanzie, when she was three years old. They got her from a breeder they believe was abusing and neglecting her, making for a very timid pooch.

After four months of Tanzie, centre, being lost in Oshawa, the pooch was reunited with Catherine Kennedy and her family. Also pictured is the family's other dog, Tucker.

"Tanzie is not your normal dog, but she's the biggest sweetheart," said Catherine.

In July, Tanzie escaped from a friend's backyard in Oshawa and the family and friends did all they could to find her -- they put up posters, and called Oshawa Animal Services and shelters. The friend, who felt terrible about Tanzie's escape, kept the gate open to her backyard in case the dog decided to return.

"You want to maintain that little bit of hope, but knowing how scared she was to begin with, we thought it probably wouldn't happen," said Catherine.

Meanwhile, a Bowmanville woman named Paula Bund had learned of a missing dog (she was told a poodle) that was spotted numerous times in the Camp Samac area of Oshawa, and she wanted to help find her. Paula, who rescues dogs through Standard Poodle Rescue, called Oshawa Animal Services for Catherine's contact information. The City wouldn't give it to her due to privacy protocol, but they said they'd call her instead.

Meanwhile, Paula -- who called the dog 'Samac' -- continued to look for her every day and waited for Catherine to call. She even enlisted help from locals -- then strangers -- who allowed Paula to put treats and food in their yards. One couple, Edward and Lillian Steel, let the rescue group set up a dog house and wait for Tanzie in their backyard. The Steels had noticed Tanzie spending a lot of time in their yard but could never catch her.

Other than getting this help, Paula kept quiet about the stakeout for Tanzie because she feels too many people can scare a dog off.

When Catherine finally learned about Paula, she immediately met with her at the post. But they didn't reunite so quickly. It took multiple tries over one week but finally, Catherine and her family spotted Tanzie from the Steel's backyard.

"I called her and she just came running up the hill," said Catherine. "It was a scene from a movie. It was unreal."

Tanzie was a bit scruffy and thinner, but Catherine and her husband, their kids and their other dog Tucker were thrilled to have her back.

"Tucker's just been ballistic," Catherine said.

Sometimes the kindness of strangers can make a big difference in someone's world.

"Without that effort to go and get her, I don't think Tanzie would have been reunited with Catherine and that's just sad," said Paula.

Catherine was amazed by the community support.

"There are so many good people out there," she said. "That was really nice to see."


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ka Pai, golden retriever

Detective finds his missing dog while executing a search warrant
December 4, 2012
Posted by ADMIN in Dog News

Detective Sergeant Rex Barnett had almost given up hope that his family’s dog Ka Pai would be found. Police officers often find unexpected things when executing search warrants, but Barnett couldn’t believe it when last week a search warrant led him to his family’s missing dog.

Ka Pai and her puppy Cashew went missing on November 20th from the Barnett’s home in North Canterbury, New Zealand. “We suspected they were chasing hares,” said Barnett. Cashew came home just two days later. “On Thursday morning I got up to find Cashew standing at the back door. I thought the mother would be returning at any stage – but a week later she still hadn’t turned up,” Barnett said.

The Barnett’s were hopeful that Ka Pai would be found. She was microchipped, they checked all the local shelters, put up flyers, and posted her on Facebook, but still no sign of Ka Pai.  “We hadn’t totally given up hope but it was causing considerable stress in our family. Ka Pai had been with us since she was a pup and she is now six years old,” Barnett said.

On November 28th, Barnett and his colleague were executing a search warrant for one room at a large accommodation block. “When I went into the bedroom, there were two dogs. One was my wife’s golden retriever. It was unbelievable,” said Barnett. “I think I said ‘I don’t believe it.’” Ka Pai was excited to see Barnett and began wagging her tail.

Ka Pai had been found wandering on the road by a man associated with the complex. He hadn’t made an attempt to identify or return Ka Pai, but had taken good care of her. Barnett was thrilled to be able to take Ka Pai home to his wife. “My wife was overjoyed. Ka Pai ran up to her and straight into her arms.”


Friday, November 30, 2012

Lucky, white dog

Family is reunited with missing dog after seeing him on TV
Life With Dogs
November 30, 2012

When Gregg Mohler turned on the television on Monday morning he couldn’t believe what he saw. His missing dog was being featured as the Pet of the Week by the Iowa County Humane Society. It had been four years since Lucky had gone missing from his home in Lone Rock, Wisconsin.

Four years ago, when Lucky was 10-years-old, he ran away from the Mohler family’s home. The family searched animal shelters and placed ads in newspapers looking for their beloved dog, but never found him. On Monday morning Greg Mohler was watching NBC 15’s morning show and noticed a very familiar dog being featured as the Pet of the Week. ”All the sudden it stopped me in my tracks,” said Mohler, who quickly called the Iowa County Humane Society. “The first call was from a gentleman saying ‘You have my dog! I saw him on TV!’” said Cheri Phillmore of the Iowa County Humane Society.

 Lucky had been at the Iowa County Humane Society since August. At 14-years-old it was very unlikely that he would get adopted. This is why the Iowa County Humane Society chose to feature him as the Pet of the Week. Thanks to that decision Lucky is now at home with his family.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Patucha, maltese

Dog Missing 3 Years to be Reunited With Owners
By: Melissa Toupin
Posted: Nov 22, 2012

When Patucha the Maltese wandered away from her Pawtucket home three yards ago they were devastated.

"My niece was crying," said Fernando Silva. The dog had been a present given to his 11-year-old niece Eduarda.

The family had given up hope of finding Patucha when they picked up and moved to Brazil this past spring.

"We didn't think we would find her again," said Silva.

But Saturday they got a phone call that changed everything. Patucha had been found and was at the North Providence Animal Shelter. They were able to track down her owners thanks to a microchip that had been embedded in her skin as puppy.

When Patucha was taken to Ferguson Animal Hospital the veterinarian scanned her for the chip and got a hit. Animal Control Officer Ernest Calandra was able to track down the dogs owners address registered to the chip.

"You can take collars off the dogs, you can remove tags, but the chip once it's in there it's in for life," said Calandra.

Patucha's family had moved from the address, but Silva, the little girls uncle, still lived there. He was able to connect officers with Patucha's family now living over seas.

"It's a great feeling because we get a lot of strays in here and to actually have this happen, especially over the amount of time she was missing, and it's around the holidays, so it's a really good story," said Calandra.

Silva and his two children took Petucha home with them. They are now working to get her the paperwork she needs to get her on a plane to Brazil so she can be reunited with a now 14-year-old Eduarda.

"Everybody's excited to get her before Christmas," said Silva.

Micro chipping is not mandatory in the state of Rhode Island, however animal control officers we spoke to strongly encourage doing so.


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bo, puppy

Boy reunited with puppy after massive I-10 pileup

by Drew Karedes
November 24, 2012

HOUSTON -- A little boy and his mother have a lot to be thankful for after surviving the Thanksgiving day pile up on Interstate-10 near Beaumont.

The two, from Dickinson, TX, spun off the highway and were hit by a number of cars in the process.

Navy Lopez and 6-year-old Damian Ortiz were able to crawl out of the wreckage unharmed. While they were doing so, their 3-month-old puppy, named Bo, scurried off into the distance.

Lopez said she thought she would never see Bo again. She said her son was devastated when they lost Bo. To her surprise, a stranger brought them back together.

A watchful tow truck driver scooped up the puppy as he was cleaning the mangled cars off the highway.

“He shows up out of nowhere, first time I'd seen him all day. At first, I thought he was just wandering around. Then, I got to thinking. He was way too friendly,” recalled Blake Jones.

Jones said he took an instant liking to the puppy. At the same time, he had a feeling that the dog belonged to somebody.

He took photos, and his girlfriend posted them online. A rightful owner quickly came forward, saying the puppy belonged to her 6-year-old son.

"This is a great Thanksgiving blessing for him to be able to get his dog back after such a tragic and scary day,” said Jesi Courville, Jones’ girlfriend.

They all agreed to meet at the Texas-Louisiana state line on Friday. It didn’t take much waiting for a happy reunion to unfold.

“I looked everywhere for him and couldn’t find him,” said Lopez, the puppy’s owner.

The family is now intact and back in Texas after surviving the scare of their lives.

The tow truck driver said it felt great to reunite the family. He hopes they can all meet up again someday so he can see Bo when he is full grown.


Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Lab in Edmonton

Man successfully reunited with his lost dog after he rents billboard
Posted by Ellen
November 22, 2012

A man who lost his dog while staying in Edmonton has successfully been reunited with his dog after he rented a large billboard to post up his lost dog's information. The black Labrador Retriever went missing in October when the man and the dog were staying in Edmonton, Alberta at the pet-friendly Quality Inn.

As soon as his dog went missing the man rented the portable sign and got permission from the hotel to place the sign up on their property. The hotel staff helped in the search for the dog. "This is a person who really values his dog and I can appreciate that,” said Lillian Pushor, general manager of Quality Inn. "They become a part of your we were just happy to help."

The sign certainly helped. It's now plastered with "FOUND! Thank you Jennifer, Alex & Morgan!" after the man's dog was successfully returned.

The company that rents out the signs says it's the first time they've ever rented one for a lost pet. The billboard would have cost the man between $150 to $200 to rent for a few weeks. He also offered a $200 reward for whoever found his dog.

Pushor says she's glad the pair reunited. "It’s gotten cold and we don't want to see an animal die because they can't find their owner. It's a very happy ending. We're really happy about this,” she said.


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Max, beagle

Family, Dog Reunited After Dog Lost For Seven Years
November 16, 2012

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – It was a happy reunion for a family and their dog they lost seven years ago.

Pedro Feliciano said their beagle Max took off in the rain when the dog was just one year old.  He says the family searched the entire neighborhood, but never found him.  So he was very surprised when Miami-Dade Animal Services called and said they had Max.

It was a microchip that had been implanted in Max that allowed them to be reunited again.  Apparently another family had been taking care of Max but recently turned him into the shelter.

Pedro said that Max recognized him right away.  And they can’t wait to spend time with him.

Animal Services says it’s important that pet owners keep their address and phone number updated, so in case your dog with a microchip is found, you can be easily tracked down.  They also recommend owners use a collar and tag in addition to the microchip.


Friday, November 2, 2012

Tinkerbell, dachshund

Lost dog reunited with family at adoption event
Posted: 11/02/12

A Virginia family is whole again after an unusual case of lost and found.

Tinkerbell, an 11-year-old Dachshund mix disappeared six months ago.

Owner Jerry Gusler was crushed.

"This dog has been with me a long time, got two kids but she's one of them. She's the third one," he says.

"It was like losing a family member. It was really sad," says Kelli Gusler, Jerry's daughter.

The Guslers had almost given up hope on finding Tinkerbell when Kelli decided to take a trip to the Tractor Supply store, where the Franklin County Humane Society just happened to be holding an adoption event.

When Kelli arrived a friendly face came running through the crowd.

"I could tell she recognized me and that was it I just started crying and lost it. I think everyone there thought I was crazy because I was saying 'That's my dads dog!', I know that dog," Kelli says.

Now Tinkerbell spends most of her days at the Gusler's auto shop, but her travels took her all the way to Pulaski county.

That's 70 miles away from her home in Boones Mill.

The Guslers have no idea how Tinkerbell got that far away, are glad she's home.

"I was choked up. I just couldn't believe it. It has to be one in a million to find the lady that found her was in another county. So I mean for her to bring her was amazing," Jerry says.

The Guslers say Tinkerbell hasn't missed a beat since she's been back.

"I'm amazed, but I just think God put her back in out hands," Kelli says.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Aran, collie

Lost Dog Discovered In Ireland Is Reunited With Owners In Scotland
By Sarah Medina, Huffington Post
Posted: 10/19/2012

When a lost dog was found wet and disheveled last month, no one would have guessed that his real home was on the other side of the Irish Sea.

Aran, an elderly black-and-white collie, was discovered wandering around the Carrick-on-Shannon area in Ireland on September 20, reports The Leitrim Observer. He had fallen into the river, but managed to climb his way out, despite having stiff back legs. The unnamed man who discovered him took Aran to the Animal Welfare Centre in Leitrim.

Andrea Sharp, the manger of the center, checked to see if Aran was microchipped.

"Normally we go through FIDO, a registration base for microchipped dogs, and at that point they give us a phone number, and if that rings dead then the search is no more. But in this case they gave me three numbers and one did ring out," Sharp told

According to the Leitrim Animal Welfare Center Facebook page, the chip was registered to a name and address in Wales. When Sharp called the number, however, the homeowners said that they didn't have a dog.

But Sharp was unwilling to give up the search for Aran's owners. She wrote the family in Wales a letter asking for more information.

“I don’t know what it was. I just felt like I just had to write anyway,” she said.

It turns out that the residents had just moved into the house and provided a forwarding address for the old owners.

When Leitram Animal Welfare Center got in touch with the previous owners, Di and Albie Roberts, who had since moved to Scotland, they were amazed that Aran had been found. The couple immediately caught the first ferry to Ireland, drove throughout the night and arrived to collect Aran. The dog had been missing for 10 days.

"It was an emotional moment," said Sharp. “They were completely and utterly delighted.”

The Roberts had been on holiday in Carrick-On-Shannon with the intention of spending 10 days relaxing, cruising and fishing on the River Shannon, and they brought their 15-year-old collie with them. One day, while they were getting aboard a boat, they took their eyes off the dog for a few minutes – and he disappeared.

Despite searching for hours, and even calling a diver in to check the river, there was no sign of him. The heartbroken couple cut their holiday short and went home -- devastated without Aran.

Aran was able to spend two weeks with his loving owners before he died of liver failure in their arms.

But the story doesn't end there.

Just before he died, the Roberts rescued a companion for him, another collie called Ellie, from a Dogs Trust center in Glasgow. In an amazing twist of fate, the Roberts and Sharp realized that Ellie had originally come from the Leitrim Animal Welfare Center!

"It was such a twist of fate that then it just added to it even more. It felt even more incredible. It’s really lifted everybody here," Sharp said.

“When you think of the chain of events to reunite Aran with his owners any link could have broken and they would never have him back to spend his last days at home with those he loved and who loved him dearly,” she added.


Friday, October 19, 2012


Lost dog reunited with owner after he was given away
by Crystal Cruz
Posted on October 16, 2012

PHOENIX -- A Scottsdale woman was reunited with her lost dog after the person who found it gave it away to someone in the parking lot of the Arizona Humane Society.

“He's 14. He needs his medicine. He's half blind. Poor little thing, he's probably freaking out,” said Felice, the dog's owner, who did not want to give her last name.

Felice put up missing dog signs around her home and even hired a private investigator to help find him.

“I thought 'Oh my god,' he hasn't had his medicine. His knees go out, he has everything wrong with him, but he's 14 and he's hardy,” Felice said.

Recently someone brought the sick dog to the Arizona Humane Society on 13th Avenue and Hatcher Road in Phoenix.

“Apparently they did not want to wait in line and found someone in the parking lot to turn the dog over to,” said shelter spokeswoman Bretta Nelson.

That is against the rules. There's a sign in front of the shelter that says people are prohibited from picking up or giving away a dog in the parking lot.

“This is one of those random stories that you would think, is this person going to see their pet again? If you were to ask me a week ago, I would say the chances would be slim because how were we to know who that person handed their pet over to?” Nelson said.

Shelter staff went through surveillance video to find out who took the dog home.

Staff recognized the couple, who frequents the shelter thrift store, and the couple gave the dog back.

On Tuesday, Moby and Felice were reunited in front of the shelter as 3TV’s cameras were rolling

Nelson said the couple who had Moby told staff they wanted to give the old dog a good home. The couple thought they were doing something good for the 14-year-old sick dog.

Nelson said this is a perfect example of why people should not swap pets in their parking lot.

Felice took the dog home and said she will now microchip him.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Romeo, Nova Scotia dock tolling retriever

Dog lost in wild found 66 days later
Owner was told 15-year-old pet could not survive
John Moritz
Tuesday, 16 Oct 2012

AUSTIN (KXAN) - After 3 1/2 days criss-crossing the mountainous trails of Hyde Memorial State Park near Santa Fe, N.M., in search of his dog, Austin businessman Mike Stotts decided he had to accept what park rangers and fellow campers had been telling him:

That no 15-year-old house dog with diminished hearing could survive that long without food or water among the coyotes and mid-August heat.

So Stotts, owner of HomePlace Apartments in North Austin, found two pine branches and fashioned a cross. Then he gathered up several large rocks on the side of a mountain in the park, planted the cross and called it Romeo's grave.

"I didn't want to picture him torn apart by coyotes just laying out there," Stotts said, who adopted the golden Nova Scotia duck-tolling retriever as a 12-week-old stray from Town Lake Animal Shelter in July 1997. "I wanted to remember him up on the mountain, looking down at all of the scenery."

Still grieving 66 days after saying goodbye to the dog that went with him everywhere, Stotts was at home Monday morning when he got a call from the dog-chipping company that implanted the identifying device in Romeo. He was told that his dog was alive, rescued by a Santa Fe man who had found him emaciated and injured not far from the primitive park in the Santa Fe National Forest.

The man and his wife had taken to the dog to a local veterinary clinic, which ran the chip that led Romeo to his owner. Tests showed that Romeo had lost about one-third of his body weight and had developed anemia. One of his ears had been ripped.

"I couldn't believe it," Stotts said Tuesday as he and his friend Colleen Ford had crossed into New Mexico on their way to meet the couple and reunite with Romeo. After the reunion later in the day, Stotts said by phone that Romeo was thinner, more tired -- but glad to see the man who he must have been searching for since August.

"He was like, 'Where were you? Why did you leave me?'" Stotts said. "If anyone was expecting him to be all kissy-face, that was never him. But I know he was glad to see me."

Stotts and Romeo had been camping in the primitive park on Aug. 14 when Romeo apparently worked his way through a tent flap in the middle of the night. When Stotts noticed Romeo had left, he began a predawn search that would take him across every hiking trail in the park.

He expanded his search to nearby neighborhoods, tacking up signs with Romeo's photo and offering a reward.

No luck.

Stotts said he told his story to anyone who would listen. Campers he never met joined the search. So did off-duty park rangers.

Again, so sign of Romeo. Or any signs that a house dog had tangled with a coyote or another predator.

"Everybody told me that coyotes were a real problem out there," Stotts said. "There were stories about them going after Lab-sized dogs on leashes. A little 33-pound dog wouldn't have a chance."

So reluctantly, he headed home.

But he was fortunate that Eli Madrid was heading for work near the park a little before daylight on Monday.

"This little dog caught my headlights, so I stopped," Madrid said by phone from Santa Fe. "I like dogs. I have two of my own. This one looked like it needed my help."

So Madrid stopped and the dog came to him. Madrid could tell the dog was tired, hurt and hungry. And he still had a collar, which carried a tag saying he had been chipped.

Madrid got the dog into his car and called his wife, Jamie. They took the dog to the vet to be checked out and to see if the chip was active. It was.

"I guess the lesson here," said Stotts, "is that it pays to have your dog chipped."


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Luna, Australian cattle dog

Dog Lost for Four Months Recognizes Family by Whistle
Life With Dogs
October 12, 2012

Luna, an Australian cattle dog, escaped out of her family’s yard on Mother’s Day this year. It took four months and the help of craigslist before she was reunited with her family again. Her owner’s whistle is what made her feel home again.

On Mother’s Day, Luna escaped through the white picket fence leaving her Colorado home. A neighbor noticed Luna wandering and tried to get her back home, but Luna ran away. Julia and Bruno Furrer placed an ad for their lost dog. A few days later they received a call from a woman in Perry Park, about 12 miles north of their Palmer Lake home. The woman had called animal control to help catch Luna, but once again Luna ran off. The Furrer’s followed the lead hoping Luna would still be in the area, “We went there a few times a day and searched and searched,” Julia said.

The Furrers continued to search for Luna, filing a lost dog report with the Humane Society and placing an ad on craigslist. The search started to slow though as the summer went on.  On Labor Day they finally got another lead on Luna.

The Furrers received a phone call from the Humane Society that another craigslist ad had been placed for a found dog in the Perry Park area. The ad had been placed by Victor Wilcox and Shelley Tailer. They had spotted Luna near a vacant farm. “We saw her at the side of the road,” Wilcox said. “She kind of looked hungry. She was very thin and it was really hot out.” When Wilcox tried to approach Luna she did her routine of running away, but this time she ran into the barn.

Wilcox placed the ad on craigslist and within an hour received responses linking the lost dog with Luna and the Furrers. Upon hearing the news, the Furrers headed up to the barn and met Wilcox. They had found their dog, but Luna looked at the Furrers as if they were strangers. She turned and walked away from them. The Furrers spent two days coming back over and over to the barn to try to get their dog back. “Bruno and Julia never gave up,” Wilcox said. “They were so patient to try to get her back and make sure she knew who they were. It had to be heartbreaking for them.”

Finally on their sixth trip to the barn, Bruno whistled his distinctive whistle and all of the sudden Luna snapped out of it. Luna ran straight to Bruno. She was “crying and yipping the whole way,” said Julia. Luna jumped into Bruno’s arms and began licking his face. Luna happily returned home with the Furrers. She was welcomed home by the family’s other cattle dog, Zoe, and the Furrers two young twin girls. She had lost 15 pounds on her journey, but has already put back 10 of them.