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Molly, pitbull or mix

Dog Missing for Four Years to Be Reunited with her Family
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April 29, 2013

Four years ago Joyce Green’s dog Molly was stolen from her Texas home.

Green had given up hope of ever seeing Molly again and had even moved out of state when this past week she got a phone call that Molly had been found.

Last week Molly ended up at the Humane Society of North Texas as a stray. Luckily she had a microchip and a quick scan revealed Molly had an owner. When the shelter contacted Green she could hardly believe it.

“I said, ‘Oh my god! I can’t believe you found my baby,” said Green.

The staff at the shelter was just as thrilled about the situation.

“It was so exciting to talk to Joyce to tell her Molly was safe and sound and will be back soon,” said staff member Shelly Meeks. “I love that part of the job.”

One of the staff members will be taking Molly to be reunited with Green and the rest of her family in Kansas.

Green is excited to see Molly but also excited for Molly to be reunited with her 7-year-old autistic son. Even though Trent is only 7-years-old he still remembers his dog a he two shared a special bond.

“He was her best friend,” said Green. “They did everything together.” Now they will get to spend all their time together again.

Dallas News | myFOXdfw.com

Source: http://www.lifewithdogs.tv/2013/04/dog-missing-for-four-years-to-be-reunited-with-her-family/

Monday, April 29, 2013

Hamilton, Samoyed

Pet rescued: Annabel Karmel's dog is found safe
by Josie Hinton
Published: 01 July, 2010

BABY food guru Annabel Karmel told last night (Wednesday) of her joy at being reunited with her dog Hamilton nine days after he was stolen from a pet walker’s van in Hampstead.

The writer, celebrated by parents across the country for her toddler food recipes, was reunited with the white Samoyed on Tuesday night – more than a week after he was stolen from Christchurch Hill.

Delight for toddler food guru as Hamilton is returned after being driven away by thieves

Hamilton was one of 11 dogs that went missing last Monday when thieves drove off in the  professional dog-walker’s vehicle as he collected another animal from a house just 12 feet away.

Nine of the dogs were found tied to a lamppost in Red Lion Hill in East Finchley later that day, but Hamilton and a Pug called Winston – the  most valuable –  remained missing.

This week both families were reunited with their pets after they were contacted by a woman who said she had found them and had been looking after them.

The woman, who collected a £7,000 reward, said she discovered Winston last Thursday when he followed her home. She said Hamilton was dumped outside her front door on Tuesday night.

Ms Karmel described the reunion as “one of the best moments of my life”.

“As soon as he saw me he just leapt up and was shouting at the top of his voice,” she said.

“His collar was missing and he was very dirty but otherwise he seemed fine. He still loves people so he can’t be that traumatised. Losing him was absolutely terrible, I couldn’t function. I lost a child when she was just 13 weeks old and this was like losing another child.”

Ms Karmel added that since his return, Hamilton has not left her side and has accompanied her to work and out shopping.

And the Samoyed’s playmate Oscar, the family’s other dog, has also been given a new lease of life, Ms Karmel said.

Rolf Allan, of Frognal, Hampstead, also said he was “relieved and delighted” to have Winston back this week.

“He obviously didn’t enjoy being away from home, but maybe he’ll tell us the story one day,” Mr Allan added.

Dima Yeremenko, who runs the Good Boy Dog School and was collecting the dogs at the time of the theft, has now warned other dog walkers to be vigilant.

He said: “People should be aware that these thieves may be about. But we are happy to have the dogs back. It is just a shame that the owners had to pay such a large reward.”

Detective Sergeant Dick Orszynski, of Camden police, said: “We are very pleased the dogs have been reunited with their owners. We don’t advise people to offer rewards. The enquiries are ongoing.”

Source: http://www.camdennewjournal.com/news/2010/jul/pet-rescued-annabel-karmels-dog-found-safe/

Sunday, April 28, 2013


Lucky the dog reunited with Valley family
By: abc15.com staff
Posted: 04/25/2013

TEMPE, AZ - A Valley family is celebrating after their stolen dog turned up safe and sound Thursday.

Tempe police spokesman Michael Pooley said an alert employee at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control called police to say  "Lucky" had been located and was at their facility.

Lucky disappeared April 19 after burglars broke into her owner's home near McClintock Drive and Elliot Road.

Pooley said even though the victims lost several items of property from the burglary, they are excited to get Lucky back.

Officials said Lucky appears to be in good spirits and was happy to be with familiar faces.

Source: http://www.abc15.com/dpp/news/region_southeast_valley/tempe/lucky-the-dog-reunited-with-valley-family

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Victor, lost an airport

Dog lost at Honolulu airport reunited with owner one month later
By Kristine Uyeno
Friday, April 26, 2013

Last week, KHON2 told you about a dog that had been missing at Honolulu International Airport for a month.

The dog has been found and reunited with its owner.

It took a lot of help from volunteers to help find Victor the dog. And it also took the love of his owners, who never gave up.

A month ago, the Horner family was about to board a plane to California when they learned one of their dogs, Victor, got loose from his carrier.

“Probably one of the worst days of my life was the day we had to fly out and looking out the window and knowing that my baby is out there still,” said Laci Horner, owner.

Horner contacted a lot of people, including Erica Montague. She had watched Victor several times before, through her “Love Them and Leave Them” pet sitting service.

“I felt that if I didn’t step up for this dog, he wasn’t going to be found,” Montague said.

The Horners sent her their clothes and some of Victor’s toys, hoping familiar items would help the search. Montague spent nearly a week at the airport. With the help of K9 Kokua, they set up a den for Victor.

“Just back behind a bulge of land and between some trees. It was well-shaded and everything,” said Jae Bonarek with K9 Kokua.

Their plan to lure Victor to a specific area of the airport worked.

“We knew because the food being gone, the new paw prints that were coming through, and once we able to do that, then he started to trust the area,” Montague said.

Horner hopped on a plane back to Hawaii. On Wednesday, she went to the airport near the end of the runway where he was spotted. After an hour, Victor came around.

“At that point I started squeaking his ball and trying to act like we were in the park, like nothing had been wrong. And he started coming up to me and I looked him in the eye and I said, ‘Get your ball, let’s go’ and he came right up to me. And once he knew it was me, he started crying and crying,” Horner said.

Victor has lost 15 pounds. But medically, he’s doing well. He has reminded the Horners about the strong bond between pets and their owners. And through this, they’ve also learned an important life lesson.

“It has completely, completely restored our faith in humanity,” Horner said.

Victor will rest in Hawaii for another week before heading to California.

Horner credits all the volunteers, including K9 Kokua.

Source: http://www.khon2.com/2013/04/26/dog-lost-at-honolulu-airport-reunited-with-owner-one-month-later/

Friday, April 26, 2013

Cotton, Staffordshire bull terrier

Stolen dog reunited with family after four years
by DogTime Staff
Wednesday October 17th, 2012

A dog stolen from a Bristol, England family four years ago has finally returned home where he belongs after a family friend spotted the dog for sale on Facebook.

Cotton, now a 6-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, was taken from the Martin family home in 2008. Joanna Martin and her daughters stepped out one afternoon to visit Joanna’s mom, and when they returned home not more than an hour later, Cotton was gone.

Katiecorr Martin reunited with Cotton; the dog’s owners recognized him on Facebook by a scar on his leg

“My first thought when I got home was that he had escaped as there were no signs of a burglary or anything,” Joanna remembers. But when she looked around, nothing else was missing — only Cotton was nowhere to be found.

“I got the impression they were looking to steal the dog because there were lots of items they could have taken and they didn’t,” she explained.

Joanna believes that Cotton’s unusual black-and-white markings, including freckles on his ears and a patch over one eye, made him a target for the dognapper.

After Cotton turned up missing, his absence left a hole in the Martins’ hearts. “When he was taken the whole family felt the loss,” she said.

“He was my baby boy — after having girls, he was one of the kids,” Joanna explained. “Cotton is just three weeks older than my middle daughter Katie, who took it hardest when he was away” Joanna told The Daily Mail. “They were always with each other.”

Desperate to find Cotton, Joanna canvassed the neighborhood, called local animal shelters, and posted “missing dog” fliers every place she could. She even created a Facebook page for Cotton to get the word out, hoping that social media could help bring her four-legged kid home.

As weeks turned into months, and months turned into years with no sign of Cotton, Joanna refused to give up on him.

“I never wanted to give up hope,” Joanna said. “I would check that shops still had posters up — they wanted to take them down after a year but I would say how dogs are sometimes found after two years.”

Even four years later, Joanna still kept an eye out for Cotton and encouraged her friends and family to do the same.

That’s when Joanna got the call that she’d been waiting for: her friend, Cotton’s former dog-walker, had spotted Cotton in a “for sale” ad on Facebook.

“When I saw his picture I burst into tears,” Joanna said, “I couldn’t believe it after all this time.”

Joanna called the woman who’d posted the ad, pretending to be an interested customer. When she arranged a meeting to purchase Cotton from the woman, police went along for the ride. The woman, who is in her 20s, has been arrested on suspicion of handling stolen goods.

Before Joanna was allowed to take Cotton home, the police had to verify that she was in fact Cotton’s real owner. Luckily Joanna had been preparing for those questions for four long years.

“The police were fantastic,” Joanna said. “They came out and asked me for any identifiable marks he had and I explained that there was a scar across his left leg from where another dog had attacked him.”

“If it wasn’t for that scar I don’t know if we’d have got him,” she added.

Cotton was reunited with the rest of the Martin family, including 12-year-old Kira and 6-year old Katie, Wednesday evening. The police officers that assisted in his return were also present for the happy homecoming.

“I just hope that Cotton can now enjoy being pampered and the family can make up for lost time,” said Officer John Shaddick. “They look very happy together.”

Source: http://dogtime.com/stolen-dog-reunited-with-family-after-four-years.html

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Razzie, cavashon

Stolen Dog Reunited with Family
By Kara Seymour
November 21, 2012

Razzie is back.

The dog, a white cavachon, was reunited with her family on Monday, more than a week after she was snatched up from her front yard in Upper Makefield.

Razzie was taken from the front yard of an Upper Makefield home last week

Witnesses told Kovacevich they saw a couple take Razzie from their Upper Makefield yard last Sunday afternoon.

According to owner Nancy Kovacevich, a woman brought Razzie to Pleasant Valley Animal Hospital in Quakertown on Monday. Her tag was scanned and the vet called Kovacevich that afternoon.

Kovacevich said she spoke to the snatcher briefly and her story was vague.

"She said she was on a country road a few days ago and picked up the dog because she was worried that the dog would be hurt," Kovacevich said. The couple then kept her for eight days before bringing her to the animal hospital in Quakertown.

Kovacevich credits the community and media coverage for Razzie's safe return. After an article appeared on Newtown Patch Thursday about the dognapping, Fox 29 News ran a story about Razzie on Friday night.

"My opinion is that all of the Razzie press forced (the dognapper) to come forward,"  Kovacevich said.

Philadelphia News, Weather and Sports from WTXF FOX 29

Previous story here

Source: http://newtown-pa.patch.com/articles/stolen-dog-reunited-with-family-aa8575f8

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Rocky, yorkie

If You Lost a Dog on Vacation, Would You Camp Out to Get Him Back?
Liz Acosta
Apr 4th 2013

Thanks to the efforts of the Jefferson community in Maryland, a family and its Yorkshire Terrier have been reunited.

George Zeckler slept outside on a farm in Maryland where his missing Yorkie had been sighted.  Would you have done the same?

George and Elizabeth Zeckler were on vacation when they got the news every dog owner dreads: Rocky, their beloved Yorkie, had gone missing while in the care of a pet sitter. It's not clear how the dog escaped. George Zeckler instructed the pet sitter to call local shelters inquiring after Rocky. Rocky had not been picked up.

So the Zecklers turned to a more high-tech approach, a pay service called FindToto.com that calls neighbors and alerts them to a lost dog in their area. Rory Carolan, who owns a farm nearby, spotted Rocky on his property and tried to catch the little dog. He was unable to, but he called another neighbor, thinking the dog might be hers. It wasn't, but she'd received the FindToto call, so she put Zeckler in touch with Carolan.

The result was a string of events led to Rocky's return.

Zeckler, an Army veteran with 15 years of service, camped out on Carolan's farm (with the farm owner's permission). Even though Carolan offered Zeckler his couch, the determined dog owner believed he had a better chance of finding Rocky if he remained outside. The Jefferson community rallied around Rocky, posting physical as well as digital fliers to social media outlets. Someone offered Zeckler his four-wheeler, another offered to baby-sit Zeckler's children so his wife could help in the search.

Then a tip came in with a Rocky sighting near a house by Carolan's farm. After five days on his own, Rocky was lured back into Zeckler's arms with a piece of chicken.

An immediate trip to the vet confirmed that other than losing a little weight and getting a rash, Rocky was healthy.

And everyone is happy to be back together.

If this happened to you, what would you do to get your dog back?

Source: http://www.dogster.com/the-scoop/lost-dog-on-vacation

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Cody, shih tzu

Cody's Story
Told by Peter Daniele to FindToto
March 26th 2013

I was referred to findtoto.com by my sister who was successful in finding her cat via findtoto.com. The ironic part of the story is that our puppy Cody (9 pound Shih Tzu) was lost after my wife and I along with our 3 daughters went to see the new Wizard of Oz movie! (long story on how and why)

Even though findtoto was not the primary way we found Cody, the service was instrumental in learning what happened while he was lost and how he became rescued.

One of our neighbors was called by findtoto.com and contacted us about information he had about our puppy Cody.

This person was able to put us in touch with a passerby who stopped to help Cody as he walked along a thin shoulder of a very busy road. He knocked on a few doors nearby to ask if the puppy belonged to anyone, and left his phone number with the neighbor. He later called the police, who transported Cody to the local animal rescue facility.

Following a call we placed to the local police (we actually thought he was stolen) we were informed of Cody’s location at the animal rescue.

Thanks to findtoto.com, we were able to contact the great Samaritan and thank him profusely for rescuing Cody from harm or most likely death. He refused any gifts or money as part of our sincerest gratitude.

Findtoto.com is an amazing service and I cant thank you enough. Even though the service wasn’t the primary source of finding Cody, knowing the story behind his rescue was just as important to us and worth every penny.

Thank you!!!

Source: http://www.findtoto.com/success-story/cody-9/

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Thor, pitbull

The Incredible Journey of Thor the Pit Bull, Dog Lost and Found
How one pittie escaped his yard in San Antonio, got himself to Long Island, and then somehow made it all the way home.
Julia Szabo
May 16th 2012

It was a rough couple of weeks for the Laskowski family of San Antonio, Texas.

Thor in New York - a long way from home!

On April 26, Christopher Laskowski's dog Thor, a friendly 3-year-old pit bull, had escaped from the backyard via a hole in the fence. Christopher, who is 31 and suffers from degenerative disc disease, was inconsolable, and so was his other pittie, Thor's 14-year-old sister Athena. Christopher spent three or four hours each day looking for his lost friend, leaving the back gate open in hopes Thor would appear. The family checked local animal shelters and canvassed the neighborhood, but there was no sign of Thor. "I think somebody took him, because he'd gotten out before, but he always came back," Christopher says.

Like any dog lovers who've had a beloved pet go missing, the Laskowskis were beside themselves with worry, fearing the absolute worst. "I couldn't sleep," Christopher recalls. "Pretty much every night I stood outside by the door, worrying. It's your job to protect the dog you adopt; I felt like I'd failed him. It's terrible when you don't know what happened to your dog."

Then, on May 8, "I was at home and my cellphone rang," recalls Christopher's mother, Eileen, whose number is the backup on Thor's microchip. "The woman said, 'We found your dog Scrappy!' I said, 'If this is a joke, it isn't funny. Then I thought, Wait -- that could've been Thor's name at the shelter where Christopher adopted him. So I started crying and said, 'Where are you located?' And she said, 'Long Island, New York.' I said, 'Ma'am, please quit -- do you know where I am?! San Antonio!'"

But it wasn't a cruel prank -- Scrappy had indeed been Thor's shelter handle at the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services, and he was indeed in New York. In fifteen days, Thor had somehow managed to travel some 1,800 miles!

However he did it, Thor isn't telling. But the Laskowskis are convinced that somebody with cruel intentions stole him. "Maybe they picked him up and took him for a ride, intending to use him for dogfighting," Eileen says. "Then maybe they decided he was too sweet, so they dumped him."

A kindly police officer spotted Thor and -- realizing the handsome, muscular dog was 45 pounds of solid mush -- brought him to the Veterinary Medical Center of Long Island, where a staffer called the numbers on his microchip.

The Laskowskis were overjoyed -- especially Christopher. "He's so important to me -- he's my baby boy," he says. "People treat you differently when you're disabled, but dogs never judge you; they just love you for who you are. My dogs know when I'm hurting, when I'm sad, and they do everything they possibly can to make me feel better."

Next came the challenge of transporting Thor back to Texas. The vet hospital connected the Laskowskis with Don Montes, licensed veterinary technician and owner of AmbuVet. Although air transport is not in his line -- AmbuVet is a go-to service used by many carless New Yorkers to transport dogs to and from animal hospitals; the vehicle provides critical patients with first aid and oxygen during the ride -- Don rose to the challenge.

"Something like this happens once in a blue moon, and this was an opportunity for me to give back," he says. "Plus, Thor is an awesome dog."

So, after a kind lady in nearby Rockport, Texas, donated $500 toward Thor's recovery ("That was such a blessing," Christopher says), and after experiencing firsthand the frustration pit bull owners encounter when trying to book air transport for their dogs, the Laskowskis decided to put Thor on a Delta Airlines cargo flight.

To ensure that Thor's voyage would be a first-class experience, Don undertook all the minutiae involved with shipping an animal. He acquired a sky kennel that was big and secure enough to hold a large dog; lined it with comfy, absorbent padding; and prepped the passenger for his trip by taking him on an exhilarating whirlwind tour of New York City. Don brought Thor to several dog parks, hoping the activity would tire him out so he'd sleep through the flight. "I wanted him to be nice and calm by the time we got to the airport," he says.

On Friday, May 11, at 6.30 p.m., Thor was homeward bound. "Don did everything, and he charged us just $200, which I thought was nothing in comparison to what he did to take care of Thor for us," says a grateful Eileen, who has noticed a big difference in Thor since his return.

The change was evident as soon as the family picked him up at the Delta cargo dock in San Antonio.

"It's like he left a boy and came back a man," Christopher concludes. "He's not as playful as he was. I'm still worried about letting him go outside -- he slept for, like, 11 hours when he got home, and he hasn't really left my side. I think he thinks something's going to happen again, so he stays pretty close to me. Thor used to like sleeping in his crate, but since he's come back, he sleeps with me more."

As for that hole in the fence? It's getting fixed this weekend.

Source: http://www.dogster.com/lifestyle/thor-the-pit-bull

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Maverick, yellow lab

A family pet is being known as a Perham miracle
By: Andrea Hubbell, WDAY
Published January 18, 2013

Perham, MN (WDAY TV) -- A much-loved family pet is back home after a long-journey nearly took his life.

There's nothing better than growing up beside your best friend.

"He was the birthday present to Courtney and Quentin."

Watching them grow and learn.

Ryan Frohling/Maverick's Owner: "he's a good hunting dog, a good family dog ya know, let's the kids rough house with him."

But there's also nothing worse than losing them. That lump in your throat, when worry has taken hold of your heart.

"I called for him to come back in and he wasn't there."

This is maverick. Yes a pet, a dog, a yellow lab even. But most of all he's what they are calling a miracle.

"I got a call from our neighbor and said somebody had stopped in at his house a said there's yellow lab that looked like he had gotten hit by a car."

You see, Maverick went missing nearly two weeks before.

"He was just this little skinny guy too"

Maverick was clipped by a car. His leg nearly torn off. Battered, bruised and barely hanging on.

William Rose/Lakeland Veterinary Clinic: "A big part of it is right here, is his determination but I think the other thing is I think the cold weather really helped."

The frigid temps helped slow his blood flow just long enough for this family member to make it home. Any longer, and he wouldn't have made it.

"Pretty amazing critter, just to survive that long." Slowly but surely Maverick came around.

"He's back to pretty much his normal personality that he had before." Each and everyday he's growing stronger.

"You have to remember to put the boot on him to take him outside."

Finding his footing, his balance and his place back home.

"He's really come around and he's really bounced back to the same dog except minus one leg."

Maverick is healing, but is still having nerve trouble with the same leg, that was removed.

Source: http://www.wday.com/event/article/id/73913/

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rambo, yorkie

Trucker reunites with dog left behind at rest stop
By Dominic Genetti
June 6, 2012

Gene Hill probably said it best in “The Dog Man.”

“Nobody can fully understand the meaning of love unless he’s owned a dog...”

That statement came true when Michael Siau drove his big rig back through Hannibal Tuesday to pick up his dog and best friends, Rambo.

Truck driver Michael Siau was reunited with his dog, Rambo, Tuesday morning when his truck route sent him back through Hannibal.

Siau was en route to North Dakota and made it all the way to Cedar Rapids, Iowa when he realized Rambo wasn’t in the back seat. Hannibal’s rest stop was the only logical place he could’ve gotten out, and that’s where Hannibal Animal Control Officer Tim Ledbetter found the 9-month-old patiently waiting for his master.

“In about 60 seconds, he would have been gone,” Ledbetter told Siau in the lobby of the Hannibal Police Department.

As it turned out, a family saw Rambo at the rest stop had hopes of taking the unidentified K-9 home. But Ledbetter arrived just in time, telling the family the dog was left behind by a trucker passing through.

That trucker’s reuniting with his best friend was certainly a happy moment too.


Siau couldn’t drive around town with his truck, that was currently loaded with a transport of mangled used cars, so a Courier-Post delivery pickup truck served as his escort.

With a leash and a few “Thank You” cards to hand out to those who took the time to find Rambo, he introduced himself to the staff at the Northeast Missouri Humane Society, and then one of the employees came out with a special gift.

The puppy looked around, didn’t make direct eye contact with the stout man in decked out in a navy blue polo and jeans, appeared to be nervous, but once he saw Siau calling his name, the Yorkie began to whimper.

“Hey Rambo,” Siau said. “Did you miss Daddy?”

Rambo trembled and squirmed. He just couldn’t help himself to the top of his master’s shoulder and kiss the back of his neck.

“You’ve never been this excited,” Siau said.

He took the dog off his shoulders and took a few seconds to hold him close to his heart.

On the road again

There were a few people to appreciate before the day was done.

Robert Stout, another Animal Control officer, dropped Rambo off at the shelter. There waere also the dispatch ladies at the Hannibal Police Department and, of course, Ledbetter. Without him, Rambo would have never been found.

Tennessee is the next destination for Siau and Rambo. Siau said he’ll be sure to check to see if Rambo is actually in the truck from now on before leaving.

A lot of stress was collected and a lot of sleep was lost during this weekend’s ordeal. Before heading out the duo laid down in the cab’s back seat and watched some movies before heading south.

Source: http://www.hannibal.net/article/20120606/NEWS/306069877/0/SEARCH

Friday, April 19, 2013

Grizz, Lab/Pit Mix

KC Woman Drives 600 Miles to Return Lost Dog
by Michelle Pekarsky
Posted on: 3:40 pm, February 1, 2012

MERRIAM, Kan. — Twelve hundred miles from home — a one-year-old Lab/Pit mix dog found in Merriam, Kansas will be returning home.

The one-year-old Lab/Pit mix dog whose family lives in Butte, Mont., was found thanks to a microchip embedded in the dog. And a volunteer has offered to drive Grizz the dog home.

The Heartland Society for the Prevention and Cruelty to Animals Lost Pet and Intake Center accepted Grizz on Wednesday, Jan 25.

Using standard procedures, the center scanned Grizz for microchip identification and discovered contact information on his owners.

Apparently, someone in Butte, Mont., thought Grizz was a stray and picked him up during a road trip from Seattle to Texas, dropping him off in Kansas at the Heartland SPCA. When the Heartland SPCA contacted the owner, the owner was stunned that Grizz was still alive and well.

“He was very excited but he was also in disbelief that his dog was found all the way over here in Kansas,” said Wendy Blair with the SPCA.

The story gets even better.

Kathy Thies, a longtime Heartland SPCA volunteer, volunteered to drive Grizz half-way home, which amounts to a 600 mile trip to Cheyenne, Wyo.

“Really it all comes down to what goes around, comes around,” Thies said. “I hope there’s good karma!”

The microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and Joe Hinkle with the SPCA says it’s the only reason Grizz is coming home.

“If not for the microchip, we would’ve never been able to find the owner,” Hinkle said. “The microchip was the only way that we were able to get Grizz home.”

Source: http://fox4kc.com/2012/02/01/kc-woman-drives-600-miles-to-return-lost-dog/

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Baby, pomeranian

Elderly man reunited with stolen dog after thieves ransack home
by Bora Kim / NBC Charlotte
Posted on April 17, 2013

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A 77-year-old north Charlotte man has been reunited with his beloved pet, presumed stolen during a break-in of his home Monday evening.

NBC Charlotte met up with Robert Ward Wednesday night.  He had searched his home and walked the surrounding areas day and night in search of his 14-pound Pomeranian named, “Baby.”

Monday evening, Ward left his house for dinner.  When he returned two hours later, he realized someone made entry by breaking into the bathroom window.

The thieves stole six valuable antique firearms.  The guns, having been passed down from generations, had their own sentimental value.  Ward, however, broke down in tears when he described how his dogs are like a member of the family.

“They get to you.  They get to your heart,” he said.

Ward’s older dog, “Nikita,” is Baby’s mother.  He gave the puppy as a gift to his late wife, 14 years ago.  Ward said when he got home to find his house ransacked, Nikita began barking incessantly and would not stop until he realized “Baby” was gone.

“Nikita has just been staying under the bed, hard to get out, she won’t eat.  I’ve been up all night.  I can’t sleep,” he said.

Ward believes Nikita was hiding under the bed as thieves ransacked his home.  He said Baby was the type to approach strangers.

“It broke my heart to know they would take her, when she needed her medicine,” he cried.  “They will be no questions on my part, all I want is my dog back.”

Not long after, a call came in to alert Ward that a dog bearing Baby’s resemblance was brought in to the animal shelter on Tuesday.  Ward and a friend rushed to the shelter to find the person who brought Baby in.  They said the dog was wandering along a busy street, more than a mile from his home.

“Come here Baby,” he said as he took his lost dog into his arms.

Ward is convinced she could have never walked that distance with her short legs.  He will likely never know exactly what happened but is grateful that Baby is home again.

“I just want to thank the good Samaritan who brought her to the shelter,” he said.

Source: http://www.wcnc.com/news/local/Elderly-man-reunited-with-stolen-dog-after-thieves-ransack-home-203518381.html

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Puddles, shih tzu

Dog reunited with family after bizarre 24 hours
Amanda Goodman
Tuesday, 16 Apr 2013

SOCORRO, N.M. (KRQE) - A dog that was lost, then found, then stolen has been reunited with his owners after a crazy 24 hours.

Puddles, a senior shih tzu, went missing Sunday in Socorro near the New Mexico Tech Campus.

Julie-Anna Blomquist's mom is Puddles' owner.

"No one knew what was going on with Puddles," Blomquist said.

Blomquist said her mom was taking the dogs for a walk, when she went to corral them all back into the car to head home she got distracted by the bigger dogs and somehow Puddle escaped.

"My mom has had that dog, her best friend, for so long and to not be there the first night in his entire life he wasn't with her it was terrifying for her," she said.

Shortly after learning of his disappearance Blomquist got the word out on Facebook, posting on her own page and on Socorro's community page, soon she got a hit.

"Someone else who had found Puddles 10 minutes after my mom had left put a picture of Puddles up online and let us know that she had taken Puddles to the shelter," said Blomquist.

However, when they got to the city animal shelter Puddles was not there.

Someone had taken him from the outdoor kennels which are unlocked.

"It was complete relief to complete horror all over again," Blomquist said.

The family regrouped and plastered missing posters for Puddles all over town Monday morning, by this afternoon someone called saying they had Puddles.

He was reunited with his family Monday afternoon.

"It's a very, very happy ending," said Blomquist.

Blomquist did not know if the people who returned Puddles were also that people that took him from the shelter.

She told KRQE News 13 her biggest concern was that he may have been stolen to be used as bait to train fighting dogs, which they say is a big problem in Socorro.

Blomquist said they would like to see the shelter either add cameras or maybe even locks to help keep lost dogs safe.

"They returned our dog and that was amazing and very amazing of them but someone else might not do that to the next dog," Blomquist said.

Source: http://www.krqe.com/dpp/news/strange/dog-reunited-with-family-after-bizarre-24-hours

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lion, pomeranian

Cancer patient reunited with lost pooch
by Bernadette Jay / WCNC.com
Saturday, Apr 13

Woman battling breast cancer fights to find family dog

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A Charlotte family is reunited with their dog.

Kisha Buckingham and her children let their Pomeranian, Lyon, out Friday morning.  He was able to get out through an unlatched gate when he wandered off.
The family posted signs around the neighborhood for a missing dog, and the next day they spotted a sign in the neighborhood for a found dog.

They made the call, and a complete stranger helped to reunite Lyon with his loved ones. He's back home and doing okay.

“God bless her, we thank her so, so, so much,” said Buckingham of the stranger who kept Lyon throughout the night.

Buckingham says Lyon is more than a dog he’s also part of her support system as she battles stage 4 cancer.

Source: http://www.wcnc.com/news/local/Cancer-patient-reunites-with-lost-pooch-202863591.html
Related story at http://www.wcnc.com/news/Woman-fighting-breast-cancer-wants-her-dog-back-202798571.html

Woman battling breast cancer fights to find family dog
by Rad Berky / NBC Charlotte
Saturday, Apr 13

CHARLOTTE, N.C.  -- A woman fighting stage four breast cancer has a new burden to carry.

The family dog, a Pomeranian named Lion, is missing and the family gets more worried with every hour that passes.

"I am really, really concerned if he is being taken care of at this moment," said Kisha Buckingham who lives in the University area.

Anyone who loves a pet knows what that is like.

"I have four children. He is my fifth child. He is not just my dog," she said.

Kisha is fighting cancer while trying to make a normal life for her children.  She says Lion was a comfort and a friend.

Buckingham says Lion got out of a gate in the yard and wandered away.
When they could not find him, the family started putting up posters around the neighborhood.

They finally found a man working on W.T. Harris Boulevard who said he had seen Lion and a woman who had stopped to pick him up.

"She either almost hit him or he almost got hit by traffic but she stopped, put him in her car and asked him if he knew the dog. He said ‘no’," Buckingham said.

The family has no idea who the woman was and that was the last anyone saw of Lion.

Buckingham's 12-year-old son Dorian, tried to fight back tears, saying, "he is like a brother to me."

His 11-year old sister, Alicia said, "I really want my dog back and I don't think that he is safe right now.”

The dog has not turned up at Animal Control and while Lion is not wearing tags, he does have a microchip.

All little Dorian knows is that he will have trouble sleeping without his friend.

"It is not going to be the same without him sleeping in my room," he said.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Winston, mastiff

Winston's Story
Told to FindToto
Lost Date : 2013-03-30
Found Date : 2013-04-02

Long story short – somebody stole him, took off his collar and tags, and gave him away.

A good samaritan alerted a landlord of some apartments that his tenant had acquired a mastiff in their apartment that looked like the one that was missing.

And it was about 20-30 minutes away (we live in Ledyard) in New London!

The landlord talked to the tenant to see if it could possibly be the one that was missing.

The tenant had been “given” the dog over the weekend and said she would be happy to talk to me if he was stolen because she didn’t want a stolen dog.

The landlord called me, told me the story and asked if the tenant could call me.

The tenant called me and I told her I didn’t care how she acquired the dog, I just want my dog back and she gave me her address to go see him and it was him!!!! Unbelievable!

And we were both crying so I believe the tenant was truly innocent and did not know Winston was stolen.

Source: http://www.findtoto.com/success-story/winston-11

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Lokin, greyhound

Injured Greyhound Needs Your Help
Posted by bella
April 1, 2013

Residents and volunteers rallied over the past few days for a Melrose greyhound who was hit by a car March 28 on Franklin Street in Stoneham.

Lokin is lucky to be alive having suffered extensive injuries

Lokin's story was far-reaching after news of him made its way like a firestorm on social media. The regal 7-year-old greyhound ran up Isabella Street after the traumatic hit and disappeared into the night.

Volunteers from Granite State Dog Recovery, Greyhound Adventures and dozens of kind locals came out on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to hang fliers and walk the area hoping to find Lokin, who experts suspected hadn't gone very far given the likelihood that he was seriously injured.

Lokin is owned by Stella Pathiakis of Melrose and broke out of the yard through a broken fence along with his greyhound brother on Thursday night. His brother was found in Melrose fairly quickly that night by a Good Samaritan, but Lokin was not as fortunate.

On the third day following Lokin's tragic accident on Franklin Street, a Walsh Ave. resident on Easter Sunday noticed Lokin resting in a bed of leaves in her yard. It was the second time she had seen the dog since Friday, but had no idea that folks were frantically looking for him.

A neighbor called Stoneham Police and Stella was contacted to come pick up her boy. But when she arrived, Lokin collapsed and had to be lifted into her car.

Lokin is currently in ICU where his prognosis was not promising at first, but has been upgraded since Lokin's condition appears to be improving.

He suffered a broken scapula (shoulder), 4 broken ribs, a punctured lung, terrible bruising along the right side of his body, and had developed a heart arrythmia from the impact.

A veterinary tech from the hospital where Lokin is being treated said that there was a round imprint of some sort of emblem from the car that hit Lokin embedded in his stomach.

The care Lokin is receiving at Massachusetts Veterinary Referral Hospital in Woburn is remarkable, said Pathiakis. When she is not able to visit with her beloved dog, staff arranges for a "video visit" where she can watch Lokin from her home computer.

"The staff is just so, so kind and have eliminatied all anxiety I was having regarding Lokin's care," said Pathiakis. "They are so attentive to Lokin and me. I don't have to call in to ask how he is since the doctor calls me regularly twice daily to update me on Lokin's progress."

Pathiakis expressed her gratefulness to all the volunteers who came out to look for Lokin and for Bob Keating, who was visiting his mom, Janet Keating, on Easter Sunday and realized Lokin was in trouble.

Lokin is very lucky to have stayed alive after the accident alone outdoors for 2 1/2 days. While his prognosis is improved, his recovery will be guarded and will take several weeks. He may need surgery once he's stabilized to repair his broken shoulder.

Lokin's medical bills will be in the thousands and a fund to help defray the costs has been established. For anyone interested in donating for Lokin's care, please make checks payable to: Lokin's Accident Fund, c/o TD Bank, 635 Lowell St.  Peabody MA 01960. All donations will be paid directly to Massachusetts Veterinary Referral Hospital in Woburn.

Many thanks to all the kind-hearted volunteers and neighbors who helped with the search and kept an eye out for Lokin.

Source: http://stoneham.patch.com/announcements/donations-sought-for-lokin-the-greyhound-hit-by-a-car-in-stoneham#photo-13857664

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Duke, boxer

Lost dog reunited with owner in New Jersey
By Meghan Schiller
Story Created: Apr 12, 2013

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- A New Jersey dog was found wandering the streets of South Bend, but it wasn’t homeless for long. The microchip implanted in the dog led the Humane Society to the dog’s owner several states away.

According to the dog’s owner, James Dye, he gave his beloved dog, Duke, to his brother while preparing for a move.

The brother gave Duke away, but didn’t tell Dye.

Then, the people who took in Duke neglected him so badly he ran away.

Lost, alone and wandering the streets of South Bend, the Humane Society picked up the dog and helped reunite Duke with Dye thanks to his microchip.

"If he wasn't microchipped we would have never known from the shelter what happened,” said Dye.

Just last week, Duke was behind the glass inside the Humane Society shelter like all the other lost dogs.

Duke, the boxer from New Jersey, was found roaming through Mishawaka.

The normally 75 pound boxer had dropped to only 35 pounds.

"Since he's been home you can't see anything but slightly some ribs, but that's what you're supposed to see for boxer anyway, my wife has put a lot of weight on him,” said Dye.

The Humane Society says only about one out of six dogs in the shelter are microchipped.

That's not as many as they'd like to see.

"Last year we did over 500 return to owners where pets came in and we were able to find their owners but not all of those had microchips. There were actually very few of those animals that did have microchips,” said Genny Carlson, Outreach Coordinator of the Humane Society.

Carlson says the numbers of animals happily reunited with their owners would be a lot higher if all animals were microchipped.

Dye says that chip saved him a lot of heartache.

"It's a quick procedure, it's very easy for the vet to do. It doesn't cost a lot of money,” said Dye.

It will only cost you $25 for the microchip and to register your animal in the system.

Source: http://www.abc57.com/news/local/Lost-dog-reunited-with-owner-in-New-Jersey-202764371.html

Friday, April 12, 2013

Buster, border terrier/shepherd mix

Stolen Puppy Reunited With His Family
March 27, 2013

A seven month old pup named Buster who was stolen before his mother’s horrified eyes, is back home safe with his family.

On March 22nd, Buster was out for a walk with his owner Eileen Bray when a man approached and bent down as if to pet the dog.  He then unclipped the lead, scooped up Buster and ran off with him under his arm before Bray could react.

Buster is a Border Terrier and German Shepherd cross and it is feared that he was mistreated and abused while missing.

”He is very traumatised by his ordeal, but the main thing is he is safe now and is back in safe hands. Buster captured the hearts of many,” said Bray.

In the hours and days following the dog napping the community rallied and  hundreds of residents from the surrounding area took to social media websites Facebook and Twitter to show their support and help the family appeal for information.

The man who stole Buster is described as being aged between 21 and 24, 5ft 8in tall and heavily built.  A police investigation is underway and it is feared that the intent of the theft may have been to get Buster into a dog fighting ring.

In the meantime Buster’s family, including children Andrew, 6 and his sister Jessica, 4 who were heartbroken when he was taken are just relieved and grateful to have him back.  They were quite traumatized by the incident though it was no fault of the family, and will be sure to keep Buster close from now on.

Source: http://www.lifewithdogs.tv/2013/03/stolen-puppy-reunited-with-his-family/

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ginger, beagle mix

Ginger's Story
Told by Nancy Despeaux
April 9, 2013

Ginger is a shy little girl, a tiny mix of what looks like beagle and dachshund. A Falls Church family adopted her in November 2012 from Homeless Animal Rescue Team in Fairfax VA. She had been called Trinity, and she’d had previous experience as a stray.

Doug holding Ginger for the first time in 2 weeks,
and Ginger with her girls the next morning

Ginger was a bit skittish with her family from the start, and took a little time to “keep it outside” (her business, that is!)  But they were patient with her, and she got there, and now she has the run of the house and always sleeps with someone – Mom and Dad or one of the girls. She came to make their family complete.

Then came Spring break 2013, when the family took a vacation to Florida. Ginger was left with trusted neighbors that Ginger knows well. In fact, the daughter lets her out and walks her every afternoon after school.

But Ginger has beagle in her, so when she found a compromise in the fence that the family didn’t know about, she nabbed her opportunity to run free. The girl called out after her, but that only seemed to encourage her to take off.

The family got to work right away, and let Ginger’s family know she had disappeared. Between the two families, the word was spread both electronically and with some fliers in short order.

For a week, sighting calls were coming in. Food was put down where sightings were called in. Each neighborhood with sightings was visited, and more fliers were hung.

Ginger’s family was back home from vacation by Friday, and Saturday, the last sighting came in before a dry period of eight days during which they learned nothing more. They continued to circulate the word, but it was hard to remain upbeat when that much time passes without hearing anything from anyone who has seen her.

The dad, Doug, was searching the internet, trying to find information or help or both, when he learned that there are people in the area that help individuals, families and rescue organization search for lost dogs. They do this as their way of giving back to their local communities – much like people we all know that spend countless hours volunteering for homeless animal rescue organizations. He reached out for information.

The next evening, I called him, and we spoke at length, He answered all my questions, and allowed me give him a run down to expose him to a few of the basics about lost dog search and recovery. He had done well collecting information in the almost 2 weeks since Ginger had taken off. But he was in need of a game plan and people that could offer some serious help. When we hung up, we left it that he would call me as soon as he got that next sighting call.

This was Friday evening, and the next sighting call came Sunday around 6:30pm. Sam, who lives one town over, in Annandale, had been seeing the shy beagle when she was walking her dogs, beginning on Thursday. When she mentioned to her husband that she had been seeing a loose dog in the neighborhood, he told her that he had (a) noticed a blur that might have been a dog hurrying across their back deck, and (b) seen a notice in the Annandale Patch of a lost dog. So Sam got Doug's number from that notice, and gave Doug a call and to explain what she had seen.

As promised, Doug called me – without even putting the phone down from the call. I got out the door as quickly as could, but Doug was not able to leave his house at the time. He had labored to prepare a surprise birthday party for his wife, Tess, and guests had begun to arrive. I told him to call me when things slowed down. Nadene was able to set aside whatever she was doing, and head out for the Annandale neighborhood within minutes of me reaching out to her. We met with Sam and got all of the details about when and where she had seen Ginger.

Nadene and I decided to take a slow walk down the unpaved road that Sam said Ginger had come up from to cross between two neighbors’ homes and across their street. As we neared the end of the road and began to get close to those neighbors’ backyards, I heard a strong rustling of leaves. We stopped and listened. I then decided to continue walking, and when I did, Ginger darted from one side of the road to the other. My eyesight isn’t as good as Nadene’s, and I didn’t even see her, but she did. Then Ginger howled, and we pivoted and walked slowly away.

I called Doug and left a message to let him know that we saw his dog. He called back in a few minutes, excited of course, and we made plans for him to head over to the area.

When he arrived, we had him walk slowly down that road. He had the treat jar to use to generate a familiar sound. Within a pretty sort time, he saw Ginger. But she didn’t come to him and eventually he came out, defeated. We made plans to go ahead and set up a humane trap.

Donna and Sonia arrived shortly afterward with a trap, a camera, and also some canned rabbit. After gaining permission from the homeowner, we placed the trap in Sam’s neighbor’s yard, right in the path that Ginger had been cutting. While we were obtaining permission, another neighbor who was outside his house with his cat told us he had just seen Ginger traverse between the two houses! She crossed the street and disappeared.

With the trap set up, we were all prepared to give it up to a couple of hours. It was after 10pm now. I had to jet up the street for my phone charger, and then Doug and I came back and took our position in view of the trap, across the street, in my car, while Donna and Nadene roved the larger neighborhood to see what they could see.

It turned out to be a bad idea assigning me with my horrendous vision, especially night vision, in the only position to watch the trap. (Well, Doug was in the car with me.) I don’t know if Ginger snuck up and in from the back while I was up the street picking up the charger, or if it was just that we weren’t smart enough to put a lantern or something at the trap so we could see if she approached from the back. I don’t know why we thought we could have seen her, as dark as it was.

So probably a good hour after Ginger DID go in the trap, unbeknown to any of us, we were ready to call it a night. We went to the trap to get it ready for the next day. Donna was ahead of everyone else, and she first said “Oh there’s an animal in the trap.”

My first thought was “well shoot, I hope it’s not a skunk”. Next Donna said, “Hey it’s the dog!” I felt like an idiot, but whatever – it was Ginger and she was in the trap!!

Needless to say, we were all VERY happy! Doug said it was like a dream for him. He didn’t hesitate a nanosecond to text the good news to his wife, Tess. She had told him she wanted to know every single detail whenever anything happened.

As we carried the trap over to Nadene’s van, with Ginger in it, someone commented that she was like Cleopatra. We closed Donna in the van, and she carefully removed Ginger from the trap and secured her with a couple of leashes.  We were able to get a photo of Doug holding her in the first minute, and he sent a photo the next day of Ginger back with her girls the next morning.

The next morning, when Doug went to wake up his sleepy head daughter that is always hard to get up, he told her that Ginger was downstairs. She said, "Dad, you're just saying that to get me out of bed." Funny! Later that day, Ginger got both the thumbs up and a microchip from the vet. And Doug shared that "she was all goofy after her bath yesterday, running all around."

If you have never helped a family reunite with their lost dog, try it! You’ll like it. That’s my idea of fun.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Harley, poodle

Welcome home Harley: Micro-chip a key solution to finding lost pet
By Connie Thompson
Published: Apr 9, 2013 at 8:01 PM PDT

For months now, people all over the Seattle area have been following the case of a missing poodle-mix named Harley.

Harley's face has been plastered on posters and on social media since December 30, when she bolted from her home in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Seattle. Her owner, Drew Varnes, says the dog was frightened by end-of-the-year fireworks.

When Varnes first contacted the Problem Solvers back in February, he was concerned about an online pet finding service he'd paid to help him find Harley. He charged $500 for the service online.

"I just think that they didn't deliver as they indicated," Varnes explained during the February interview.

Varnes says he was so dissatisfied with the lack of performance, he demanded a refund- then mounted his own search with the help of friends and volunteers.

After more than 3 months and dozens of dead leads, Varnes says he was on the verge of giving up hope. Then, out of the blue, he got a call April 4th from the Humane Society in Tacoma. Varnes was told two men from Joint Base Lewis McChord dropped the dog off at the shelter- more than 30 miles away from Harley's home.

"I don't know how she was found but ultimately it was the chip that got her home and I'm really glad that I did that when she was a puppy," Varnes said.

After 91 days and 34 miles, a a simple 20 dollar chip injected under Harley's coat was the ultimate key to her happy reunion.

Pet experts say fee-based pet finding services can be useful in helping you distribute a high volume of posters, and even make automated calls to people in your community to get the word out, but be careful. Some services generate a high volume of complaints and have questionable track records.

Your best bet for finding a lost a pet, is to get help from friends, neighbors, and local pet-related businesses. Like Varnes, make sure the posters have good, recent photos and are large enough for people to see- something bigger than the typical 8 1/2 by 11. Post good photos and pet descriptions on your social network sites and make routine updates. Distribute flyers to as many vets, shelters and pet stores as possible, and most of all, make sure your pet has both an I-D tag and a micro-chip. If the tags come off, the chip is always there. Experts say I-D tags and micro-chips are the top two ways lost pets and their owners get reunited.

"If the dog has a micro-chip and it can be picked up on a scanner, it's instantaneous. Every veterinarian has a scanner, every humane society has a scanner so certainly those dogs can be identified and returned home," explained Harley's vet Dr. Kevin Reed at Four Paws Veterinary Center.

Varnes says he's also glad he kept the contact information on Harley's micro-chip contact information up-to-date. Many pet owners who do get the chips, forget to update the information when they move or change phone numbers.

Source: http://www.komonews.com/news/consumer/Welcome-home-Harley-Micro-chip-a-key-solution-to-finding-lost-pet-202243241.html

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dauz, Italian Greyhound

Eight months and 800 miles later, Collinsville family dog identified via microchip
Ramona C. Sanders
April 8, 2013

If dogs could talk, Dauz the Italian greyhound would tell you about his eight-month and more than 800-mile journey to find his way back to his Collinsville home.

But the Dausman family will have to settle for the tail wagging, ball playing and warm snuggling that Dauz has shown David, Alicia and their two children, Lilian, 6, and David Jr., 3, since his return home last month.

“He's the same dog, but he won't let us out of his sight,” said Alicia Dausman. “As we will not either.”

Lilian Dausman, 6, and David Dausman Jr., 3, reunited with their family dog, Dauz, last month after he was missing for eight months.

The 5-year-old family pet went missing from the Dausman's fenced yard on July 20, 2012; he was discovered at a Fairfax, Va., animal shelter on March 6, 2013. Alicia Dausman said there was initial disbelief followed by pure joy when they heard he was found. And then there were questions — lots of them.

“I asked (the animal shelter) is he okay, is he hurt, is he healthy?” Dausman said. “They said he was fine. So I know somebody must have taken care of him. But I just didn't get how he ended up 900 miles away.”

Dausman said she believes Dauz was stolen by a friend's family member who was temporarily living with them. While the regal-looking small dog will come up to strangers easily for a pet on the head or a chance to catch a ball, he is the only one of the family's four dogs that has never strayed away from home.

“He's my only dog I can have without a leash,” Dausman said.

Dausman recalled the initial panic last summer when she realized that Dauz wasn't in the yard or in the surrounding neighborhood. After diligently searching for him, she called the police the following day. She said it was rough on the entire family, but especially her daughter, Lilian, who was just a year old when they purchased the purebred dog.

“She would just cry her eyes out,” Dausman said of Lilian. “She said, 'Mom, I want my dog.' And I had to say, 'Sorry, I don't know where he's at.' I put his crate and toys downstairs. I couldn't even see a picture of him, I would cry. It hurt.”

Dausman said she tried everything to find Dauz. She posted his picture on her Facebook page, submitted weekly Craigslist ads, contacted shelters and Italian greyhound rescue groups and enlisted the aid of the Illinois Lost Dogs group and their Facebook site. She said she started losing hope in December when the family would have been celebrating Dauz's fifth birthday. But it was Lilian who never gave up.

“Mom thought he was dead,” Lilian said, handing Dauz a treat. “I told her he was still alive.”

Dausman said she believes Dauz was taken to Virginia by the people who stole him and he somehow broke free, ending up in the animal shelter.

“He saw the first chance he was able to run,” she said. “He was trying to find his way home.”

The family's saving grace was the microchip implanted in Dauz's neck. The animal shelter scanned the digital identification chip and called the Dausmans.

“I was freaking out when I got that call,” Dausman said. “I was shaking, I was so excited I had to pull over. I got (Lilian) from school and she was walking down the hallway towards me. When I told her we found Dauz, she just stopped dead in her tracks.”

Dausman said the microchip company, HomeAgain, transported Dauz back home as part of the subscription service the family has. Now happily reunited with his family and armed with a new collar and tag, Dausman said Dauz is a little thinner, a little lighter in color and his bark seems a little raspier. But he's still the same friendly, playful dog he's always been. And he has been basking in the attention and gifts of clothing, toys and special treats from his family, friends and neighbors.

“If there is one lesson to be learned, it's get your pets micro-chipped,” Dausman said. “And never give up. Miracles do happen.”

Source: http://www.stltoday.com/suburban-journals/illinois/life/eight-months-and-miles-later-collinsville-family-dog-identified-via/article_dff6b2ed-4585-56f6-9a85-518f643e2ba7.html

Monday, April 8, 2013

Serena, Staffordshire terrier

Mystery dog finder refuses $11k reward for Serena
Perthnow Staff Writers
April 04, 2013 1:56PM

MISSING dog Serena has been reunited with her owner after a $11,000 reward for her return was advertised.

Serena the dog with her owner Tiana Lehmann

A caller to 6PR Radio named Kim rang the station after she believed the dog had been dumped at her Rockingham home this morning, 55km from where she went missing.

"The dog that's been missing, I think it's turned up at my house," she told the station.

"The markings look very similar," she said.

The seven-month old Staffordshire terrier was reunited with her owner Tiana Lehmann after disappearing on Good Friday and, in an act of extraordinary kindness and goodwill, Kim has refused to accept the $11,000 reward for finding Serena.

"She doesn't want it, she doesn't want it at all," Ms Lehmann said.

"She's just happy that Serena is home."

Kim contacted 6PR after her calls to the Lehmann family went unanswered.

"I suppose with everyone trying to contact them, they're not responding," she said.

Her husband heard some noise outside their home, shortly after he arrived home from a night shift at midnight.

"As he got into bed, our dogs were going beserk... He heard a car outside and banging doors, so I think the dog might have been dumped," Kim said.

About two hours later, Serena had been reunited with the Lehmann family and the offer of $11,320 as a reward for the return of the dog was turned down.

Source: http://www.perthnow.com.au/news/western-australia/mystery-dog-finder-refuses-11k-reward-for-serena/story-fnhocxo3-1226612674257

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Nick, retired police K9

After emotional search, Grand Forks family reunited with missing dog
Retired military canine suffers from health issues
By: Kevin Bonham, Forum News Service, INFORUM
March 26, 2013

GRAND FORKS – A local family was reunited with its lost pet German shepherd – a retired military police dog that suffers from a serious medical condition – here Tuesday after an emotional 21-hour search.

Nick the retired military dog

Nick, a retired military police dog, is shown with Master Sgt. David Crawley in Grand Forks. Special to Forum News Service

GRAND FORKS – A local family was reunited with its lost pet German shepherd – a retired military police dog that suffers from a serious medical condition – here Tuesday after an emotional 21-hour search.

Nick was found by a north-side resident who discovered the ailing animal lying outside his home and contacted the owners, Jen Maples and Master Sgt. David Crawley, an airman at Grand Forks Air Force Base.

“I’ve been in tears all day,” Maples said after bringing Nick home. “We’re so grateful that somebody cared enough to take him in.”

The nearly 10-year-old dog, who has served two tours overseas with the military and two tours with another federal agency, went missing at about 5 p.m. Monday from their home.

Nick suffers from a genetic condition and requires medication to ease the pain, especially in his hind legs, according to Maples.

“My biggest fear is that he’s lying somewhere and can’t get up,” she said Tuesday morning.

That fear turned out to be too close to reality, she said.

Gordy Linnell, who lives about seven blocks away, said he and his wife, Geri, saw the dog in his yard when they went outside to feed the birds near sunset Monday.

“You could tell he was good and healthy, a real polite dog, like he was taken care of,” Linnell said. “He wasn’t walking too bad then.”

Nick was still in the yard in the morning.

The Linnells fed him but didn’t know who to contact about their newfound companion.

Then, a neighbor said he received an alert on his iPhone about a news story on the missing dog that was posted online Tuesday morning.

Linnell then contacted Maples, who came over to retrieve their lost pet.

She said she had to lift the dog into their van.

“His legs are in pretty bad shape,” she said. “He must have done a lot of walking. Someone said they saw him by Darcy’s Cafe (about six blocks north) at about 5:30 p.m. yesterday.”

Maples said Nick was resting at home Tuesday afternoon and that a local veterinarian, who happens to be a family friend, planned to stop by to check him out.

“He’s hurting and not moving much, but we think he’s going to be all right,” she said.

“We’re just so grateful to everybody who helped,” she said. “We were afraid we were going to lose him, but now he’s back home.”

Source: http://www.inforum.com/event/article/id/394487/

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Jewel, stolen dog

Man reunited with dog, 2 cats missing after Mishawaka burglary
By James Fillmore, WSBT-TV reporter
April 4, 2013

A couple in Mishawaka had their home burglarized Wednesday morning while they were away. A TV and computer were some of the items taken but the most valuable things missing were irreplaceable – the family pets: a dog and two cats.

Video Available
Yesterday, with the help of some nice workers at a nearby business, they got their dog back. Later one of their cats was found. And this morning the cat that remained missing came back home.

It was a long, emotional day for Junior Downer and his fiance Heather. Their home was in disarray from the burglary but all the two cared about was getting their beloved pets back.

As you walked through Junior Downer's home inside the Village Green Mobile Home Park in Mishawaka, you could tell it had been ransacked – The TV ripped from the wall, drawers pulled from out of the dresser and personal items covering the floor.

His dog Jewel along with two cats named Tex and Zoey were nowhere in sight.

Downer called Mishawaka police and filed a report.

“It was pretty heart-wrenching trying to tell the cop that, you know, my animals were gone,” he said. Especially my dog, she means a lot to me."

Little did Downer know that his dog was less than a quarter of a mile away.

Jewel had been running around 12th street when people working at Steamatic spotted her and took the dog inside.

"We've got a lot of dog lovers here in the office,” said Cindy Butt, an officer manager at the company.  “We all have animals of our own so we wouldn't want them out there."

Employees then logged on to Facebook and posted a picture of Jewel on WSBT's page in hopes of reuniting the lost dog with its owner."

 WSBT called Downer to see if the picture on our Facebook page was his dog and he confirmed it was Jewel.

Jewel and Downer were reunited Wednesday afternoon at Steamatic.

"Yeah, it stinks that my house was broken into, stuff was stolen, but as long as I've got my family – and she's a part of the family – that's what's most important," Downer says.

The office manager of Steamatic says Jewel was terrified and shivering from the cold when they found her. She did not appear to have any injuries.

Downer later his cat Tex, and around 2 a.m. Zoey came wandering back home.

Source: http://www.southbendtribune.com/news/wsbt-man-reunited-with-dog-cat-after-mishawaka-burglary-other-cat-still-missing-20130404,0,4380404.story?track=rss

Friday, April 5, 2013

Oban, whippet/shepherd mix

Dogged Pursuits: Tails from a Dog Rescuer
By Jim Branson for Seattle DogSpot
April 2, 2013

Dogged Pursuits is a new feature on Seattle DogSpot. Each week, Jim Branson from Three Retrievers Lost Pet Rescue will write a post about a search he conducted for a lost pet in the Puget Sound region with his dogs Kelsy, Porter, and Komu.

Oban before he went missing
I hope Jim's stories not only entertain you but also provide insight into the most effective ways for searching for/finding a lost pet.

Jim's first post is about the search for Oban, a dog he found over the weekend. Oban was lost for almost 2 months after escaping from a parked car in Bellevue on February 2.

We're excited about this new feature - please let us know of you like it.

Oban, a whippet-shepherd mix, went missing on February 2nd. He was playing, "You can't catch me," with his owner when he was struck by a car and ran off into the fog. Sporadic reports of Oban came in over the next two months.

When reports came in that he was seen very close to the accident site, I set up an "Intersection Alert" where several volunteers held up large neon posters about Oban's plight.

We received at least eight tips that afternoon. He had been seen ten blocks away, but he was seen most recently very near the intersection - 150th Ave SE and SE 37th Street - where the volunteers were standing.

Just before dark, someone pulled over and said they had just seen him on the off ramp from eastbound I-90 to 150th Ave SE. We went to check it out, but Oban slipped back into the woods before we could spot him.

A narrow strip of trees and brush grows between the off ramp and a tall retaining wall. Oban couldn't go south from there, and going east, west, or north would just put him on the freeway. I set up a humane trap in the woods at the end of the off ramp, but Oban didn't go in it the first day.

Many volunteers checked the trap every few hours, just in case any animal was trapped.

The next day, I moved the trap to a quieter area and someone put a couple of articles of clothing (belonging to Oban's owner, who was out of town) into the trap. They placed his favorite bed beside the trap.

As I was looking around the area to see how he might be getting around, I received a call that he had just been seen again poking his head out of the woods beside the off ramp. Knowing exactly where he was at that moment, I called for volunteers to help me keep an eye on the area and make sure he didn't leave.

We often use a "Magnet Dog" to lure a skittish dog to safety. My little dog, Fozzie, works sometimes. In this case, because Oban was so skittish and traumatized from the accident, I contacted his owner and learned of a dog named Sonia that Oban likes.

Kendra brought Sonia to the off ramp for the luring attempt. I told Kendra not to make eye contact with Oban or call his name, to focus her attention on Sonia and ignore Oban while giving Sonia treats. I also told Kendra that it would be better to not catch Oban today than to lunge for him and risk scaring him away to a new location.

Kendra walked Sonia down the shoulder of the road as cars whizzed by at 60 MPH. Kendra and Sonia made one pass back and forth along the strip of woods, one thousand feet down and one thousand feet back.


Kendra took Sonia for a second pass, and Oban popped out of the woods to see his friend and get some treats. He allowed Kendra to snap a leash on his collar with no trouble. Kendra rushed him to the nearby emergency vet, where Oban is staying overnight. He was very thin.

Oban when he was found after 2 months
When I called Oban's owner to tell her he was safe she screamed into the phone.

He needs more evaluation, but at this point it appears he will make a full recovery after being lost for two months. Many volunteers helped bring Oban to safety, including Irene, Krystina, Jacintha, Dina, Dori, Shawna, Julie, Lara, Sheri, Sam, Ilse, Kendra, Stephan, and Sonia the Vizsla.

Jim Branson is a certified Missing Animal Response Technician with four years of experience finding lost cats and dogs for Missing Pet Partnership.

Source: http://www.seattledogspot.com/blog/dog-blog/post/dogged-pursuits