Saturday, February 12, 2011

Koby, malamute/husky

Dawn H Wilson, Oliver Alert

On July 28 at 11:29pm, Denise Wirth Stover uploaded a picture onto Facebook’s Oliver Alert page of a dog that had been lingering around their neighborhood. Denise posted, “This Malamute/Husky has been wandering around the south Paulding County area of Ridge Road/Seals Road area for a couple of weeks. He finally just came up to us tonight and asked us for some food and water. We let him in and obliged. Let me know if you have any idea where he belongs.”

Less than 24 hours later, an official Oliver Alert notice was published onto Facebook. Oliver Alert has almost 2,000 fans that help share postings of lost and found animals. On that day, Tracy Lee Yates reposted the Oliver Alert information of the found Husky onto her personal Facebook page.

On July 30 at 5:55am, Royce Underwood noticed the Oliver Alert posting on his Facebook News Feed made by a former high school friend of his, Tracy Yates. The dog looked like his son’s lost Husky who had been missing for over a year. Royce commented on the Oliver Alert posting, “Does this guy have a bad back leg? My son’s husky “Koby” disappeared out of our yard. We put up posters and put up signs all over. We truly think someone took him out of there.”

On July 31, I logged onto Oliver Alert and noticed an urgent plea from Kristie Brown-Underwood stating, “To Denise Wirth Stover… I have been desperately trying to contact you. My sons Husky Koby has been missing for a year. The picture you posted looks just like him. He has a tuft of white hair on his neck, and when he was a puppy he broke his leg so he limps a little. please contact me. – Kristie”

By the time, Denise and Kristie connected, the Husky had gotten away again. However, the Underwood’s had a renewed sense of hope and a specific geographic location of where to go.

Kristie Underwood’s son raced to Paulding County, Georgia, which is 2 hours away to find this dog and see if he was Koby or not. Kristie’s son found the dog and the “gentleman” who had been keeping the Husky for two weeks would not give him back. Certain that this was their Koby, the Underwood family would take whatever action was needed to bring their beloved dog back home.

After several heated conversations as well as calls to authorities and Koby’s former vet…the man keeping the husky called and said, “come get him.”

On August 2nd at 12:23am, Royce Underwood joyfully updated the Oliver Alert page with the message, “FOUND!!!!! after 17 months. Original posting from Denise Wirth Stover.”

Through veterinary records, the Underwood’s were able to verify that this husky was in fact their lost dog, Koby.

The sweet words of seeing, “He’s Home” makes this a great Success Story not only for the Stover, Yates and Underwood families but, for me as well, the girl who started Oliver Alert.

Thank you Oliver Alert fans…You might “like” Oliver Alert, but we love you!!


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