Monday, August 15, 2011

Max, lhasa apso

Dog reunited with family after going missing for six months
Two-year-old dog reunited with owners aftter Scottish SPCA checked microchip.
22 July 2011

Max: Home again after six months. Pic: © Scottish SPCA

A dog that went missing for six months has been reunited with its owners.

Max, a two-year-old Lhasa apso was taken to the Scottish SPCA's Glasgow animal rescue and rehoming centre after being found as a stray in the Tollcross area of the city.

Centre assistant Manager Anna O'Donnell said, "Thankfully Max had a microchip so we were able to contact his owners straight away.

"His family were delighted to hear he had been found after such a long time. They collected him immediately and Max was very excited to see them again.

"Someone had probably taken him in when he first went missing as he is not underweight.

"However, his coat is badly matted so it's possible he was living rough for a while before he was picked up by the dog warden.

"This highlights the benefits of microchipping your pets as without one it is unlikely Max would have been returned to his owners."


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Spoiled Rott'n said...

We just found our lost Lhasa Apso after being missing for over 4 years. Someone stole him and he was recovered in a different town this past week. He had a collar on with a different name and address. Humane Society scanned him and returned him back to us. We're happy he's home!