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Buddy & Max, schnauzers

Boy reunited with two dogs lost during storm
by Wendt Isom
Feb 13, 2008

Diane Dameron made a phone call Friday that ended up reuniting a 12-year-old boy with his two miniature Schnauzers.

Joshua Mann, 12, is reunited with his miniature schnauzers, Max and Buddy, who ran away just before the Feb 5 storm

"It made me cry," said Dameron, a secretary at the Jackson-Madison County Humane Society.

Since the Feb. 5 tornado, Dameron said that the society has fielded about 25 calls from people reporting lost pets.

One of those calls came from Mary Frost. She reported that her 12-year-old son's two miniature Schnauzers, Max and Buddy, went missing from their yard just before the storm.

She had gotten the dogs three years ago as a Christmas gift for her son, Joshua Mann. "We had a Schnauzer before that died," Frost said.

Three days after Frost reported the dogs missing, a woman called the humane society to say she had found a lost Schnauzer.

The dog did not have an identifying tag and Dameron immediately thought of Frost's call.

"I was just taking a chance," Dameron said when she placed the call. The dog was found in the neighborhood near the Hidden Valley Golf Course without any identifying tags.

The dogs have tags, but they weren't wearing them when they went missing from their Hidden Valley Drive home, Frost said.

Frost describes the dogs as inseparable. She recalled how she ended up buying both dogs.

"When we went to get the one, they only had two left and I didn't want to leave one alone," Frost said.

"The dogs had been let out earlier just before the storm, but the gate had been open," Frost said. "They usually stay in the neighborhood. When they didn't come back, I started to get worried. Thunderstorms really freak them out."

Once the sirens sounded, the family took cover in a bathroom. Once they came out, they looked for the dogs. Frost said Joshua remained positive and kept telling his mother that the dogs would find their way back home.

"He kept reassuring me that the dogs would come back home," she said. "I was worried about finding one without the other."

In the end, the dogs did make it back home with a little help. After Frost picked up Max from the humane society, she said they went back to the neighborhood where Max was found and located Buddy.

Buddy was walking with a group of boys who had fitted him with a makeshift leash. They were trying to find his owner, she said.

Joshua on Wednesday was sitting between his two Schnauzers. When asked about his reaction on hearing they were found, he said: "I was really excited."

The more details pet owners can give about their lost pet, the better, Dameron said.

"We record their names, phone number and descriptions, everything from if they have a white tip on the ear," Dameron said.

Source: http://www.jacksonsun.com/article/20080214/NEWS01/802140304/Boy-reunited-two-dogs-lost-during-storm
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