Saturday, August 27, 2011

Magnum & Maverick, labs

For the Love of Louie
*Michigan Lost Pet Lookers*

We are beyond excited to announce this dynamic duo has found their family! The pups went missing more than ONE YEAR ago! Their human is driving in from BATTLE CREEK in the morning to pick them up! She cried tears of joy as she didn't think she would ever see them again! Welcome home, MAGNUM AND MAVERICK! Great work, Lookers!!

The story of the dynamic duo, Magnum and Maverick…

Magnum and Maverick disappeared from Battle Creek a little more than a year ago. During this time, other local pups went missing as well. Magnum and Maverick's family suspected that someone had stolen their pups and, sadly, didn't expect to see them again.

On 8/25, Carrie, one of our original "Louie Lookers", received a call from a horse trainer in Milford. The trainer explained she had found two dogs and asked Carrie for assistance. Carrie shared this information with us. The awareness cycle began and people/pages joined in awareness expansion efforts.

Carrie was drawn to an obscure website that she hadn't perused in several years. She found a missing post for a chocolate and yellow lab. Leaving no stone unturned, Carrie contacted the creator of the post. Carrie and the post creator exchanged contact information and photos. Carrie was on the phone with the potential lost pups' mom when emailed photos were received. The lost pups' mom began to sob as a child yelled with joy in the background!

After more than a year and many miles, these pups were found by an unsuspecting stranger. The finder reached out to our amazing Looker, Carrie, for assistance. Within 24 hours of networking the dynamic duo, increasing momentum, and maintaining a desire to follow through with fierce dedication, love and loyalty, Magnum and Maverick's family was located!

Magnum and Maverick will officially reunite with their family tomorrow (8/27/11)!!
OP: 8/25 *FOUND* This dynamic duo (a male Yellow Lab and a male Chocolate Lab) was found in MILFORD today. These sweet boys have a missing family! Please share to increase awareness!


Not the same dogs that were lost, but I can't resist this! Watch another Magnum and Maverick playing hide 'n seek here

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