Monday, August 1, 2011

Princess, cattle dog mix

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Princess - Michigan

My husband and I, along with our two dogs, recently visited his relatives in Jackson Michigan (9-hour drive from Alexandria, Va) for the 4th of July weekend.

On Monday the 4th, his aunt and uncle had a house full of people and one of their grandchildren accidentally left the front door open. Our larger dog, Princess, a six-year old cattle dog mix, bolted out of their house and into the woods.

My husband and I immediately began running on adrenaline to find her. His family and kind neighbors assisted us in our relentless search.

We extended our visit an extra day to hand out fliers to residents and businesses in the area. We hiked through fields, woods and swamp areas to find her. We got sunburned, dehydrated and lost a few pounds on our journey. If only that girl knew what we went through for her.

With no luck in finding her, we headed back to Alexandria on Wednesday the 6th, with teary, swollen eyes. We kept telling ourselves that she was having a good time at summer camp and would eventually let us know when she was ready to come home.

We were determined to get her back though. I continued doing research and came across "" which was able to send an automated phone alert to 5,000 people within a three mile radius of where she was last seen.

This alert went out about noon on Monday, July 11, exactly one week since she went missing. Within 30 minutes of the alert, we started getting calls from people saying Princess had been seen near different streets in Jackson, Michigan.

We realized that she was slowly making her way back to our relatives house, where she had last seen us. We immediately reserved another rental car and headed back to Michigan the next day. Upon arriving in Jackson, we drove directly to the street of her last sighting, which had been 2 hours earlier.

We stepped out of our car with our other dog, Bailey Boy, and started walking towards the woods at the end of the street. Within 5 minutes of leaving our car, Princess came running to us from out of the woods. My husband and I were crying with joy. It was pretty unbelievable, almost as if she had been waiting for us.

She went missing on the 4th of July and we got her back on the 12th, that's one week and one day later.

We took her to a nearby animal clinic to get checked. Although a few pounds lighter and a little dehydrated with extremely worn foot pads, she was considered to be in excellent health. Ironically, she was found on "Gaunt St." ; )

She has been recuperating well and seems to be enjoying her comfortable doggie life once again. Needless to say, Bailey Boy is thrilled to have his sister back.

We sincerely thank "" as well as the many kind-hearted, animal-loving people in Jackson, Michigan who assisted in our search. "" is a truly awesome service that all pet owners should know about. We're so thankful for a happy ending...and to have our family together once again. Anyway, that's our amazing missing dog story...a story of HOPE.

Best wishes and good luck to everyone in search of a pet.


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