Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lottie, dachschund-beagle mix

[Update] Missing Dog Found Safe; Jumped From Second Floor Window
By Ronald DeRosa
August 2, 2011

Lottie leapt from a second floor window during the height of a storm, spent the night outside, and was found down the road the next day.

A 11-year-old mixed breed dog that chewed through a window screen and jumped from the second floor of a home onto concrete pavement below has been found safe and is coming back home, the owner reported Tuesday.

"She's completely fine; all she has is a bruise," said Louis Valentino, of 22 Hill St.

Lottie went missing during the height of a thunderstorm Monday evening after she chewed through a window screen on the second floor of the Valentinos' Hill Street home. She then leapt down some 20 feet to the concrete pavement below.

Family members, who weren't home at the time, then spent the evening searching for the 25-pound dachshund-beagle dog, but to no success.

The search resumed Tuesday morning, however Valentino said he and his family had all but given up hope, assuming Lottie was dead. But, at that moment, while sitting outside, they heard a bark from down the road.

Valentino rushed to see what it was, although he was unable to find Lottie. But then, he stumbled upon a mailman who was down the street.

"I asked him, 'did you see a little brown dog around here?' And he said, 'yes, there's one right in that yard over there,'" Valentino said.

And there was Lottie, dehydrated from being out all night, but with no major injuries to speak of, he said.

Valentino said his family took Lottie to the vet to be examined. The only major damage was the bruise on her foot.

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A Naugatuck family is searching for their dog that went missing after the animal jumped out of their home’s second floor during the height of the thunderstorm Monday evening, according to a resident.

Lou Valentino, of 22 Hill St., said his dog Lottie, a 25-pound mixed dachshund-beagle, chewed through a window screen and leapt from the second floor of their home out of fear of the thunder. The drop is about 20 feet, Valentino said.

He said his family put Lottie in the room and locked the door because she often gets excited during a thunder and lightning storm. The family was away during the storm and found the chewed screen when they got home, Valentino said.

The storm swept the area for a period of around an hour and a half Monday. It left damage and widespread power outages throughout the borough.

Family and friends helped in the search for Lottie Monday evening after the storm subsided, Valentino said. He said he went through some of the wooded area near his house with a flashlight and he intends to search again today.

“I’m thinking she’s injured and dead, and crawled into the woods somewhere,” he said. “Or she was injured and somebody picked her up.”

Valentino said five people are participating in the search today.

Lottie is an older dog and is very friendly, he said.


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