Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kozmo, Rhodesian ridgeback

by Bring Kozmo home
Wednesday, August 24, 2011
Updated Sunday, August 28th, 2011

Kozmo was found in an empty apartment last week. Since then we have tried to identify exactly how she got in and how long she had been there.

When Kozmo got out she tried getting back to the apartment, but she went up the stairwell right next to ours and instead of going up to the fourth floor (where our apartment is) she went to the third floor. The apartment she entered was empty and must have been unsecured because it is believed she opened the door (has a lever handle on the outside and inside). She went inside but was unable to get out with the heavy weight of the door and Jersey not there to help her this time.

The previous residents had turned over the apartment 30 July the day before she went missing. We don't know when the carpets were cleaned at this point but it is clear they were done prior to finding Kozmo. We are curious if that is how she got in or if she was able to get in on her own later.

Based on the amount of waste (from Kozmo) inside and the toilet (lid up) being bone dry she was there for a least two weeks, surviving only on the water she found. It is truly incredible how well she is doing if she was in that apartment for the full 3 1/2 weeks, only surviving off one toilet bowl of water. (It may have been leaking more water in from the tank but in minimal quantities.)

She was found by the apartment complex management when they went to show the apartment. When the door opened she came out from around a corner, and not recognizing anyone she retreated to a back bedroom. Maintenance personnel was contacted, who provided her water and recognized her as Kozmo from the flyers posted. They contacted me and the SPCA immediately.

When I arrived, she recognized me in about 2 seconds and got so excited. After I got her calm enough to get back to our apartment, we left.

She was incredibly thin, showing bone structure everywhere. The focus was go slowly get food and water back into her without shocking her system. By the next morning she already looked so much healthier and began relieving herself normally in just over a day.

It is less than a week since she is back and she looks wonderful, as if nothing has happened. When we walk it is clear she is familiar with her surroundings and knows where she is. We haven't started to run yet, but will soon, based on what she can handle. The only change in her behavior was her increased determination in getting to food, but that is slowly getting back to normal.

Kozmo the Lion Slayer
We are so happy and lucky to have her back and incredibly thankful for her determination. I cannot thank everyone enough for your help and support. It is impossible to express in words how truly grateful and inspired I am. Thank you!!!!!

Our focus now is to get the word out she is safe at home, remove all the posted flyers, and I am drafting up a list of all we did to try and get her back to help anyone else in the future. There are so many effective resources that I didn't even know about until someone told me or happened upon in while searching for found dogs on the computer.

Words cannot express how wonderful it is to have her back. Again thank you to everyone for your help and support!

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